OCdts. On Parade

We had an interesting visitor drop by our Panet House office last week.

OCdt III Adam Z. Masood (photo left) who happens to be enrolled in the Reserve Entry Training Program (RETP). What really caught our attention in a hurry is that he is a fully paid up lifetime member of the RMC Club. Has been since I Year!

Adam is looking for a mechanical engineering related  “Co-op” position for the summer.  Being RETP, he has that option.

We were very impressed with his presence, not to mention the initiative it took for him to present his case.  Also, we constantly remind cadets – take out a membership – learn to network early in your career.  Adam has taken us up on the offer.

Anyone reading this article who is in a position to hire Adam for the summer – or you know someone who may be interested in meeting and / or communicating and possibly hiring him – read the following:

My name is Adam Masood and I spoke to you earlier with interest in finding summer Co-op employment for the upcoming Summer 2010.

I am currently a 3rd year Officer Cadet at RMC, studying mechanical engineering. As a reservist under the Reserve Entry Training Program (RETP), I am currently looking for summer employment to gain engineering experience. If I may tell you a little about myself: At RMC, I am a member of the varsity soccer team and the Engineering Society. I have gained leadership skills as the Cadet Wing Recreation Officer where my role has involved organizing and aiding the recreational clubs at RMC. Outside of school, I referee soccer in competitive local leagues.

I am very keen and interested in gaining engineering experience in preferably the Toronto and the GTA (Mississauga, Oakville, Richmond Hill, Markham, Pickering, etc) areas. I am especially interested in engineering design or power generation work but I am open to gaining engineering experience in all disciplines.

Thank-you in advance for your consideration,

25027 Adam Z. Masood (RMC 2011)

Adam can be reached s25027@rmc.ca


Week in Review @ RMC-C

On Monday, the College was pleased to host BGen Dave Millar, Comd JTFN. After a brief office call with the Commandant, BGen Millar received briefings on the ALOY program and then visited with the ALOY students. As JTFN, BGen Millar has a particular interest in the ALOY students and the health and longevity of the ALOY program. By all accounts, he was impressed with what he saw and learned, and is eager to assist the ALOY program as much as possible.


On Monday morning the College was again pleased to welcome MGen Gosselin, Comd CDA for a visit to the Academic Wing. Following a short office call with the Cmdt and Principal, Comd CDA met with the Deans for a discussion on a broad range of Academic matters of interest. The Comd was then given the opportunity to visit the Cyber Security lab and see the incredible work being done by the faculty and students. Overall, a highly successful visit which permitted an excellent exchange of perspectives and allowed the Comd to again see , first hand, the excellent work of the Academic Wing.

On Tues, the College had the great honour of hosting Ms Serena Joseph-Harris as our guest speaker for the Class of ’58 lecture. Ms Joseph-Harris joined us from Trinidad-Tobago and provided an exceptional lecture on the challenges and implications of narcotic trafficking in the Caribbean Basin.

RMC is deeply appreciative of the generosity of the Class of ’58 in sponsoring this important lecture series. Special thanks to Ron and Joan Neville for their leadership in coordinating this year’s event and for joining us for the lecture. Events such as these contribute to the College ‘Margin of Excellence’ thereby providing the Cadets and staff the unique opportunity to hear from distinguished speakers such as Ms Joseph-Harris. (See slide show and comments from Cadets on this presentation – elsewhere in this edition)

On Wed, the College was privileged to host two special guests to speak to the Cadets. LGen Lessard, Commander CEFCOM presented an outstanding overview to the 4th year class, on the role and function of CEFCOM and discussed current operations. He wrapped up his presentation by providing the Cadets some great insights on leadership and what will be expected of them as they graduate and join their units. (See slide show and comments from Cadets on this presentation – elsewhere in this edition)

Also, on Wednesday, Capt(N) Darren Hawco from the Maritime Staff provided the 3rd class a very informative lecture on Maritime Command. It was an honour to have both of these speakers at the College.

Wed night – The ‘stars were out’ dressed in their finest, the photographers were going crazy, the reporters were everywhere while the music from the balcony and entertainers on the stage performed brilliantly. The only thing missing was the ‘red carpet’.. but nonetheless, the annual Varsity Awards was an incredible evening during which the Athletic Stars of RMC were recognized.

The College has had another terrific Varsity Year thanks to the tremendous leadership of the Coaches and staff as well as the ‘grit and determination’ of the Athletes. The Commandant and senior staff of the College enjoyed the opportunity to hand out this year’s awards. As the Commandant reminded all the Cadets in his closing remarks, “Sports is not just a “College thing”, it is part of the CF Culture of Fitness, it must be a lifestyle that you commit yourself to as leaders in the CF. A challenge that only becomes more difficult as you progress in your careers and your schedules become increasingly full. But you must remain fit to be effective.”

Well done and congratulations to all of the athletes on a great year and particularly to those who were recognized with awards at the ceremony. (See slide shows and more write-ups on the Varsity Awards elsewhere in this edition)

On Thurs the College bid farewell to Capt Helen Pettis. After a very successful tour as a Squadron Commander, Helen is retiring. Capt Pettis has contributed immensely to the College and her professionalism, leadership and smile will be missed. All the best Helen!. (See photos & write-up elsewhere in this edition)


On Fri and Saturday the College was exceptionally honoured to host the three Environmental Commanders; VAdm McFadden, LGen Leslie and LGen Deschamps for MOC weekend. During a series of social, athletic and briefing events, the Cadets from each of the environments had the opportunity to hear about what’s happening in their service and more importantly, at this stage, to hear what’s happening with them during the upcoming summer and beyond. The fact that all three ECSs took the time out of their very hectic schedules to be at the College this weekend is a direct reflection of the level of importance that they place on the work being done at RMC. The ECSs know and appreciate that the graduates of RMC represent a large proportion of their leaders of the future. We are thankful for their ongoing support and commitment to RMC and we look forward to seeing them all back on 21 May to witness the graduation and commissioning of the Class of 2010.


On Sunday morning the smell of fresh bacon and good coffee was prevalent around 6 Merritt Drive as the Cadets enjoyed another great brunch at the Commandant’s House. With Easter fast approaching, the “College Mom”, Brenda, had the Chocolate Easter eggs in bowls and was, as always, busy whipping up the eggs while the Commandant was flipping the pancakes. Once again, it was a great morning which permitted the cadets a chance to see the residence, socialize with other Cadets and spoil “Bailey”, the Commandant and Brenda’s dog. There will be two more brunches before the end of the year and the lists are filling. Given the growing number of ‘remedial / repeat ‘brunchers’ J, I think that the word is definitely out on where to find a great meal/enjoyable company on a Sunday morning – an opportunity not to be missed.


What the cadets had to say:

The Commandant’s brunch this morning was quite successful. It was a welcome change to food at the mess. (Let’s be honest, there’s only so much you can do when you’re cooking for a thousand people.) Despite the oven breaking only a few hours before, Commodore Truelove and his lovely wife, Brenda put on an excellent meal.

It was really nice to have the opportunity to see inside the residence; I walk by the house so frequently, yet I’d never seen past the front door. The main and second level were very modern and well decorated, while the basement still had an eerie ‘hundred years old’ kind of feel. The room at the very end of the basement hallway was dug straight out of the rock bed. Many of the rooms upstairs had bells in them, which would ring down to a board in the kitchen. It was really interesting to see how some of the historical parts of the house had been untouched.

24983 OCdt (III) Lisa-Caitlin Mueller

Although they reported having technical difficulties in the kitchen this morning, Commodore Truelove and his family hosted us to a wonderful brunch, yet again. It was my second time attending Commandant’s Brunch and it was better than I remembered.

Thank you very much to the Commandant and his family for welcoming us into his historic home, giving us the opportunity to relax with a few friends and letting us enjoy an excellent home cooked meal!

24598 OCdt (IV) Caitlin Clapp

Mid-morning I and three colleagues whom I had met along the way walked to the Commandant’s residence through the brisk and cool lake wind blowing across the peninsula. The weather gave a refreshing and vivacious spirit to the day, which would well reflect the relaxed activities of the event.

My colleagues and I were welcomed by Mrs. Truelove herself and she immediately made us feel right at home. All the guests were invited to explore every nook and cranny of the historic house and help ourselves to the refreshments provided. Helping myself to a glass of offered orange juice, I proceeded to look around.

The house was much larger than expected and one could tell from the from the unique layout that it was indeed a house of an older style. Passing from room to room I marvelled at the different pictures and plaque filled with history of the College. It looked much different back in the day. I found the boomerang and telescope in the Commandant’s office very interesting. ( I hope that room wasn’t out of bounds, but the door was open).

After the cadets had tired or wandering the hallways and spelunking in the depths of the basement, the Commandant gathered everyone to make an announcement. He expressed how glad he was to welcome all the cadets into his home, but that there had been a small setback. Alas, the oven was experiencing technical difficulties, and being ready for the unexpected, the menu was altered to accommodate sole usage of the stove top.

The brunch was excellent with muffins, ham, sausage, scrambled eggs, pancakes, and assorted fruits. Each had his fill while sitting down and enjoying each other’s company. We, the guests, and our hosts got to know each other a little better and share stories while relaxing from the strenuous activities of this time of the year. Everyone enjoyed themselves, whether it was just the food, each other’s company, or both. After a few hours of shared friendship, we, the grateful guests, began to depart thanking the Commandant and his family on the way to the door.

25773 OCdt (I) Raymond van Boekel


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