Commandant Speaks of Challenges to Come, Presents Awards, at Last Town Hall of the Year

Article by 25366 NCdt (IV) Mike Shewfelt

At the recent (30 Apr) Commandant’s Town Hall, the Commandant of RMCC, BGen Eric Tremblay, took the opportunity to address the College as a whole one last time before Graduation signals the end of the year. The Commandant thanked the faculty, staff, and Cadets of the College for their efforts thus far. “You have done well,” he said. In response to concerns that there are more big changes on the horizon, he said, “What had to be done as been done.” He warned, though, that there will be other, different changes coming; for example, the possible playing of reveille at 0600 and 1100 each day. Finally, BGen Tremblay announced that he will, indeed, be staying on for another year as Commandant of RMC.

BGen Eric Tremblay also announced the creation of the “Commandant’s Corner,” a blog for the Commandant to communicate directly with Cadets of RMC. This new means of communication will be launched in June 2012, and is intended as part of the Cadet’s professional development. As such, the Cadets will not be able to use it to circumvent the chain of command. Rather, the Commandant will post on a subject and then Cadets have the opportunity to weigh in on that subject if they so choose.

25447 OCdt (IV) Martin De Souza, CWC, also took the opportunity to address the Cadet Wing. Speaking to the Wing before the start of the Town Hall, De Souza addressed rumors of changes that have been circulating around the Wing, and gave the assembled Cadets a heads up on upcoming changes in the Wing. As many in the Wing already knew, 13 “Joliette” Sqn, will be officially stood down some time in the next few weeks, and its members redistributed among the other squadrons. “We’re not sure of the exact date yet,” De Souza said. “Probably the 17th or 18th of May.” There will be a stand down parade to mark the occasion.

Reasons for the decision include greater efficiency in the Wing, with the same number of squadrons in each division, as well as greater leadership opportunities for the Cadets. “Instead of having four or five people in a section, now you’ll have seven or eight,” OCdt De Souza said.

OCdt De Souza also announced that, with the reopening of Fort Champlain scheduled for this fall, the Wing will be reshuffling which squadrons are in which buildings. 1 Sqn will remain in the Stone Frigate, while Wing HG, 2 and 3 Sqns will move into Champlain. 4, 5, and 6 Sqns will be in Sauve, with 7, 8, and 9 Sqns in Fort Lasalle, 10 Sqn in Brandt with ALOY, and 11 and 12 Sqns in Fort Haldimand.

BGen Tremblay also took the opportunity to recognize the outstanding efforts of various teams and individuals around the College. Several of these individuals were those who had, for whatever reason, been unable to be recognized at last fall’s Reunion Weekend, while other awards recognized recent contributions to the College, and still others were CF related.

BGen Tremblay also took the opportunity to present medals to various members of the RMC community. The individuals, together with the medal they received, are as follows:

LCol J.J. Adamczyk, GCS (Rotation Bar); Maj M.J.B. Allaire,  CD1; M1004 NCdt R.J. Bailey, CD

Lt R.W. Carver, CD1; Maj W.C. Deck, CD1; Capt G.L. Decarie, GCS (Rotation Bar)

Capt M.A.F. Decarie, GCS (Rotation Bar); WO R.W. Fraser, GCS (Rotation Bar); LCdr S.M. Hamilton, OSM Expedition; M0965 OCdt H. Holroyd, CD

Capt L.M. Kerckhoff, GCS (2nd Rotation Bar); MWO M.L.D. Labrie, CD1; MCpl D.J.R. Lefebvre, CD; MCpl R.D. Lucas, CD

M1027 OCdt C.S. Marchal, GCS(3rd Rotation Bar); MS A.K. Mellis, CD1;

Capt C.J.E. Radl, CD; Lt(N) G. Scriver, OSM Expedition; WO J.L.C. Thibault, GCS (Rotation Bar); M0990 OCdt M.S. Warnke, GCS (Rotation Bar)

Not present: Maj B.J. Brister, CD2, 2Lt L.C. Mombourquette, CD, Lt M.S. Noel, CD, Sgt K. Aiken, GCS (2nd Rotation Bar)

Commandant’s Commendations were also awarded to the following individuals:

25447 OCdt (IV) Martin De Souza, WO Rene Forster, Mr. John Perrault, Maj Bernadette Myslicki (not present)

BGen Tremblay’s personal coin for Excellence in leadership, teamwork and general officership was created in Korea while he was on training with the US military. The following individuals all received Commandant’s Coins.

LCdr Trevor Davies, Maj Pierre Lepine, Mme Rita Cormier, Mr. Ken Wilde

Ms. Brigitte Conrad, Carolyn Welden, 25060 NCdt (IV) Émilie Béland, WO Patrick Harpelle

25779 OCdt (III) Scott Nantes, 25045 OCdt (IV) Michel St-Pierre, PO Tony Poirier, Lt(N) Rob Medeiros

 The Royal Military Colleges Club of Canada

Not present: Nancy Marr, 25712 OCdt (III) Shane Amirault, Capt Robie Gourd, Marquita Braschuk

The Model NATO Team, the Sandhurst Team, the San Remo Team, the Women’s Volleyball Team, the Fencing Team, and the Tae Kwon Doe Team were all recognized by the Commandant for their accomplishments over the past year.


Commandant’s Town Hall Allows College to Bond as a Unit

Article by 25813 OCdt (III) Fanie Simard 

Monday morning the whole Cadet Wing was seated in the Field House, on the occasion of the Commandant’s Town Hall. Upon his arrival, BGen Tremblay announced proudly he would remain in his position for the year to come. He mentioned that the incoming year was one full of challenges, and that he is ready for it. Those challenges will present themselves in the form of various changes that will affect the lives of the Cadets and the Staff of the College.

The Commandant asserted that the RMCC’s contribution to Canada remains important, and for that reason the changes will occur with the consultation of the leadership. In doing so, the RMCC will remain an important national institution.

Following the Commandant’s introduction, a video was presented. It expressed and showed a variety of activities held throughout the semester: the big games our teams played, the Westpoint exchange, some members of the College’s staff, how RMC gives back to the community, etc.

Shortly after, it was time for the presentation portion of the Town Hall.

First, the rotation bars for the General Campaign Star were awarded to recognize a further 180 days of eligible service following qualification for the Star or the last Rotation Bar the person has earned. The recipients were LCol Adamczyk, Capt M. Decarie, Capt G. Decarie, WO Fraser, WO Thibault, and M0990 OCdt Warnke. A second rotation bar, awarded to indicate a minimum of 390 days in theatre, was presented to Capt Kerckhoff and a third rotation bar, awarded for a minimum of 570 days in theatre, was presented to M1027 OCdt Marchal.

Next, the Operational Service Medal (OSM) Expedition, awarded to recognize in a timelier manner those who serve in or provide support to overseas operations and for which no other medals, such as United Nations or NATO medals, are available. The recipients were LCdr Hamilton, and Lt (N) Scriver.

Subsequently, the Canadian Forces Decoration was presented to Capt Radl, MCpl Lefebvre, MCpl Lucas, M1004 OCdt Bailey, and M0965 OCdt Holroyd. It is awarded to members of the Canadian Forces who have completed twelve years of service and have a good record of conduct. Receiving the first clasp for the CD were Maj Allaire, Lt Carver, Maj Deck, MWO Labrie, and MS Mellis. A clasp for the CD shall be awarded for every subsequent period of ten years of qualifying service

The commendations of the Commandant were then presented to individuals for their service and dedication to  RMC. The receivers were 25447 OCdt (IV) De Souza, WO Forster, Mr Perrault, and Maj Myslicki.

BGen Tremblay’s personal coin for Excellence in leadership, teamwork and general officership was created in Korea while he was on training with the US Forces. The following individuals received this award during the Town Hall: LCdr Davies, Maj Lepine, Mme Cormier, Mr. Wilde, Ms. Conrad, Carolyn Welden, 25060 Aspm (IV) Béland, WO Harpelle, 25779 OCdt (III) Nantes, 25045 Élof (IV) St-Pierre, PO Poirier, Marquita Braschuk, Nancy Marr, The Royal Military Colleges Club of Canada, and Lt(N) Medeiros.

The Howard University model NATO is an international academic competition held in Washington, D.C. involving universities from Europe, Canada, and the United States. This year, the Royal Military College of Canada, representing the Kingdom of the Netherlands, won for Outstanding Overall Delegation. In addition, several individual awards were brought back by the team of 25246 OCdt (IV) Reinthaler, 26032 OCdt (II) Reed, 25779 OCdt (III) Nantes, 26349 OCdt (I) Frank, 25759 OCdt (III) Sklavos, and 25907 OCdt (III) Neilson.

The Commandant, on behalf of the entire College, further recognized the contributions, dedication and sacrifices of the following teams: the 2012 Sandhurst Team, San Remo Team, Tae Kwon Doe Team, Fencing Team, and Women’s Volleyball Team.

During the Town Hall on Monday morning, the Cadet Wing and the Staff attending were able to appreciate the accomplishments of numerous individuals, in the CF, at the College and in the community. It was an excellent way to recognize their contribution and to bond as a unit.

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