OCdts. On Parade

It was highly symbolic that BGen Tremblay’s first official act as the Cmdt of RMCC would be a visit to the Combat Training Centre (CTC) in Gagetown New Brunswick. Accompanied by the (also new) College CWO CPO Lindsay and the Training Wing’s Chief Instructor Major Rob Parent the Cmdt spent three days in Gagetown (18 – 20 July) visiting the Canadian Army’s premier individual training facility and summer home of over 200 RMCC cadets.



While the whirlwind visit did not allow the RMCC senior command team to see every aspect of CTC it did allow the Cmdt to sit down with CTC senior staff and at least sit down briefly with a number of course candidates at the Infantry, Armour, Artillery and Engineering Schools. True to what is becoming his signature form the BGen Tremblay called for questions and it should be no surprise that the majority of cadets were eager to both share their opinions and question their new leadership on the future at RMCC.




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