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Greg McPherson

Greg graduated from the RMC MBA program with First Class Distinction in April 2010. He decided to attend RMC as a civilian because he felt the institution provided a high-quality practical education that prepared students well for positions within the private sector and within the defense industry. In addition to a full-time course load, he completed contracts for Calian and the Department of National Defense Synthetic Environment Co-Ordination Office to help finance his education. These academic and professional opportunities helped him develop strong proficiencies in both management information systems and accounting.


Greg continued his professional development at Queen’s University. He was the only student to graduate from the Queen’s School of Business MSc program in Management Information Systems this past year. Greg used his knowledge of IT strategy and IT performance measurement to conduct his thesis research for the Monieson Research Center. His research resulted in the development of a measure that assesses the benefits that intranets provide to employees within organizations. This measure has been implemented by the Queen’s School of Business IT Department and Empire Life Insurance to help justify potential intranet investments in excess of $500,000.

Greg also worked part-time during his MSc degree as a management accountant consultant for Scott Environmental Group (SEG). He used his knowledge of management accounting and performance measurements to develop semi-automated metrics that assess the current performance of SEG divisions and help forecast their future profitability. These metrics are currently in use by the organization and assist senior management with strategic decision-making processes.

Greg is highly motivated and is very interested in pursuing new professional opportunities in either management information systems or accounting.

Greg may be reached: greg_mcpherson@hotmail.com



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