OCdts. On Parade

21394 David Sanscartier (RMC 1999) and 23795 Mary Benjamin (RMC 2007), are two of 49 students from across Canada who have participated in the Environmental Careers Organization Student Ambassador Award Program, since it started in 2003.

The award is given to five post-secondary students each year who demonstrate innovative ideas in environmental research. David Sanscartier, an Environmental Engineering student at RMC researching life cycle analysis of remediation technologies in Labrador, NL., travelled in 2009 to attend the Americana (Montreal, QC) conference. Mary Benjamin (Ops & Plans, Edmonton) attended the GLOBE (Vancouver, BC) conference in 2007. The alternating bi-annual conference gather senior representative from the public, private and NGO sectors involved in the business of the environment.

Many of these past winners find employment opportunities as a result of showcasing their research. To apply for an award:


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