Ex Cadet Rugby Alumni Supporting the Team from Afar

Photo credit:  Peter Reimer, Sports Information and Promotions Coordinator, RMC Paladins

Saturday 30 October the RMC Paladins Varsity Men’s Rugby team played their first playoff game against Queens University in a hard fought battle.  Queens is a tough opponent in any sport, especially Rugby.  Despite the loss (34-0)  RMC qualifies for the Nationals in the third and final spot.  Read all of the highlights here.

The RMC Rugby Alumni reach coast to coast, some still active in the CAF and others retired, but they all  have one thing in common:  their support to the future leaders of Canada.  RMC Rugby Alumni provide significant support to the Naval and Officer Cadets each year.  This support goes beyond just financial support, to which they are a huge contributor.  This support includes networking, career development, and life long friendships.

I had the pleasure of attending the Annual RMC Varsity Rugby Banquet in 2019 which included former Rugby Alumni:  25471 Colin Carswell (2013), 26569 Maxwell Williams (2016) and Guest of Honour 23833 Mike Veitch (2007).  The event, organized by Coach Sean McDonaugh, highlights the brotherhood of former RMC Rugby players, both on and off the field.

Before the highly anticipated game on Saturday I reached out to our former Rugby Alumni and asked them if they wanted to send any words of encouragement to the the team before their game.  19299 Roman “Bear” Antoniewicz, Class of 1995, Prop and Commander RCN sent the following message:

I just wanted to pass along my best wishes to the players, coaches and supporting staff at RMC Rugby.
As Naval and Officer Cadets, you have made a commitment to your country to defend it. As officers in training you have put yourselves on the Canadian Armed Forces executive training stream. However, as rugby players, you have pledged your commitment to each other and show it daily on the practice pitch. You sweat, bleed and laugh together against the adversity of weather, the opponent and demands of cadet life. You forge bonds with your teammates that are stronger than the physical binds in the pack, scrum or maul.
The game today will be no different. Your commitment to each other and not wanting to let each other down will survive past the life of this game against Queens. It will follow you past life at RMC. You will recall this game and what you did in it when you cross each other’s paths on foreign battlefields, deployments, headquarters buildings, airports and reunions years from now. 
So I urge you to make those memories count. Go make  yourselves proud of what you have committed yourselves to. There are only a few people in the world who understand what you do and grasp the daily lives you lead. Let your play on the pitch leave a lasting impression of what RMC Rugby means and of who you are. They should suffer from the power of commitment and devotion to which you have dedicated yourselves.
Although I am unable to attend the game, I wish you all the best and will hoist a pint for you afterwards.

With savage resolve,  19299 Roman “Bear” Antoniewicz, Class of 1995, Prop

This note goes to show the brotherhood of our RMC Rugby Alumni.  The support network they create for the current Naval and Officer Cadets is lifelong.  The financial support they provide creates opportunities for the team that would not be possible without their support.  Their donations provide funding for a second’s team, new kit, travel to tournaments, and the opportunity to compete in the University National 7’s Competition each year.

Thank you to our RMC Rugby Alumni for creating these opportunities for our future leaders, and providing them with ongoing career support.  Without you this wouldn’t be possible.

Consider supporting the RMC Men’s Varsity Rugby Team here.

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