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Two Canadian military wives about military life and how they cope with constant relocation.


When we talk about relocating to a new property, new town or even a new province or country, no one knows the process better than the military.

Many of us probably don’t realize that the families of our military personnel are also subject to relocation. We know that members of the air force, army, navy etc unfortunately by the very nature of their jobs have to travel to different countries in order to serve their country, however their loved ones may also have to relocate in order to be close to where their military family member is based.

Muchmor Media is located very close to CFB Trenton, Canada’s largest forces base and so we decided to speak with some military wives to see how they cope with relocation and the separation from their husbands.

In this article we will speak to two wives and get their view on what it is really like to have to move around the country and never really settle in one place. We will also discuss the issues relating to long separations and the effects that has on them and their family.

Jacki Hollywood-Brown is 42 years old and has been a military wife since 1991. Originally from Kingston Ontario, she first met her husband-to-be in 1990 at his graduation from the Royal Military College. In fact she was his blind date at his graduation ball. The couple have two children, a son aged 13 and a 10 year old daughter.

We first discussed where Jacki and her family had lived over the course of her husbands military career. Between 1990 – 1992 she lived in Guelph, Ontario whilst she finished her M.Sc. but her husband was based in Victoria, British Columbia and Wainwright, Alberta and she moved to Victoria to join him in 1992.


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