Piloting legacy continues at 15 Wing graduation ceremony


11013 Maj. Marty Tate (retired) (RMC ’76) proudly pins the wings on the uniform of his son, 23543 Lt. Philip Tate (RMC ’06), during a 15 Wing graduation ceremony on Friday. Marty was himself awarded pilot wings at the Moose Jaw base in 1976. Carter Haydu photograph



Good ideas move fast…21654 Joel Halse (RMC ’00) & 21824 Ian Miller (RMC ’00)

By Michele Lawson

When air force officer Joel Halse was sitting in the back seat of a fighter jet speeding straight toward the Atlantic Ocean faster than the speed of sound, he wasn’t thinking of opening up his own website development company.

Ian Miller, a combat-systems engineer stationed in Halifax, had already been contemplating the idea when he could spare a moment from his naval duties.

It wasn’t until they were both home on leave and were attending the same social functions that conversations turned toward a possible business partnership.



CIS athletes raise Canada’s level of play

RDS – Montréal,Québec,Canada
24094 Katie Marasco (RMC ’08) (Oshawa, ON – Royal Military College of Canada)

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