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JTF(N) commander completes outreach tour

“It was an opportunity,” BGen Millar said, “to meet them as their leader, to learn from them, to be educated about their issues and cultures, and to better understand the situations that they deal with so that I can help out with improving on what they do.”

14474 David Millar (RMC 1984) Source


Field engineers build skills for Afghan mission

“This has provided us the huge capability to focus our energies outside the wire,” said 2 CER CO Lieutenant-Colonel Mark Misener, “and concentrate on the primary training audience.”

18015 Mark Misener (RRMC RMC 1991)   Source


Navy launches centennial coffee table book

“It is my great honour to accept this book on behalf of the men and women of the Navy,” said VAdm McFadden. “This book reminds us that all those who have worn the naval uniform, all those who wear it now and those who have yet to don it are all part of a single story.”

11919 Dean McFadden (RRMC 1978) Source


Canada’s Kandahar legacy rests on a shift in strategy

“At first, it sounded like we would carry out a classic counterinsurgency strategy,” said Pat Stogran, a retired Canadian colonel who served in Kandahar in 2002 and advised Forces brass on how they should tackle the region. “We would live in the villages and protect the people against the coming insurgency.”

12723 Pat Stogran (RRMC RMC 1980)    Source


‘Model’ district no safe haven

“Afghanistan is a war zone,” says retired colonel Alain Pellerin, executive director of the Conference of Defence Associations. “The enemy is going to have influence.”

6349 Alain Pellerin (CMR RMC 1965)  Source


Tire company increases support for Reservists

“This program [TAP] would not be able to succeed without the support of companies like Michelin North America and others, and I would like to thank you for your dedicated, continuing efforts in supporting your country and your Canadian Forces,”

14890 Dave Neasmith (CMR RMC 1980) Source

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