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During the Convocation Ceremony on Wednesday May 14, H24263 Dr. John S. Cowan said to the Class of 2008

“Of the first 170 cadets who entered RMC from 1876-1883 eight received knightships for feats of leadership in many fields of endeavor on at least four continents.”

After 1919 [ by a Canadian decision] Canadian were no longer eligible for knighthood. Those ex-cadets serving in the British forces were not under any such restriction and so we have the later appointments.

Canadian citizenship didn’t exist until 1947- just one big happy bunch of “British subjects”- so there was no limitations on joining the armed forces in either country. Loewen – for example was born in Canada and after retirement from the British army in the 1950s he returned to Canada and lived the rest of his life here.

Question: How many Ex Cadets have been knighted?  Was it?

12; 14; 16; 18; or 20

Correct answer – 16

#25 Maj-Gen. Sir W.T. Bridges, KCB, CMG (RMC 1877-79)

#88 Twinning (RMC 1880-83)

#123 Ridout (RMC 1881-85)

#138 General Sir George M. Kirkpatrick (RMC 1882-85)

#147 Girouard (RMC 1882-86)

#151 Macdonell (RMC 1883-86)

#162 Van Straubenzee (RMC 1883-86)

#168 Heneker RMC 1884-88 )

#221 Dobell (RMC 1886-90)

#246 Burstall (RMC 1887-89)

#323 Lt.-Gen. Sir George N. Cory, KBE, CB, DSO (RMC 1891- 95)

#703 Brig. Sir Charles Frederick Carson, CBE, MC (RMC 1905-09)

# 729 Grasett (RMC 1906-09)

#758 Wheeler (RMC 1907-10)

#1246 General Sir Charles Loewen, GCB, KBE, DSO (RMC 1916-18)

#2585 Leather (RMC 1937-39)

With thanks to both Victoria Edwards and Ross McKenzie.

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