Cadet Wing Acknowledges Accomplishments of Deserving Individuals & Looks to the Future

Article and Photos by 25366 Mike Shewfelt

This past Thursday morning, and a cold and wind-swept Parade Square, the Cadet Wing officially put the Fall 2012 semester behind them. Those individuals and teams deserving of recognition in this semester’s Intramural competitions were recognized, and the Wing then looked to next semester with the announcement of the Winter Barslate.

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Awards were given out in a number of categories, including Best Referree, Most Sportsmanlike Player, Most Valuable Player, and the winning teams in each league.

The Best Referees, presented by CWC 25586 OCdt (IV) Brenden Clark were:

in Waterpolo, 25892 NCdt (IV) Meghan Thompson, 9 Sqn; in Soccer, 25982 OCdt (III) Colin Strong, 7 Sqn;

and in Ball Hockey, 25830 OCdt (IV) Graeme Scott, 4 Sqn.

The Most Sportsmanlike Players, presented by Mr. Darren Cates, Director of Athletics, were, from l-r:

in Soccer, 25922 NCdt (III) Jamie Coleman, 6 Sqn; in Tier B Ice Hockey, 25372 NCdt Anthony Von, 7 Sqn;

in Tier A Ice Hockey, 25266 OCdt (IV) Maxwell Hazledine, 4 Sqn;

in Ultimate Frisbee, 25544 OCdt (IV) Sebastien Massicotte, 9 Sqn; and in Water Polo, 25958 OCdt (III) Aaron Brideau, 12 Sqn.

Not present: 26193 OCdt (III) Vanessa Banks, 12 Sqn, Ball Hockey

The Most Valuable Players were:

in Ultimate Frisbee, 26793 OCdt (I) Jerome Harvey, 8 Sqn; in Tier A Ice Hockey, 25874 OCdt (III) Francois Bouffard, 5 Sqn;

in Tier B Ice Hockey, 25304 OCdt (IV) Michael Dean, 1 Sqn; in Soccer, 25553 OCdt (IV) Alexandre Beauchamp, 12 Sqn;

and in Ball Hockey, 26237 OCdt (II) Nathan Romkey, 5 Sqn.

Not present: 25664 OCdt (III) Francois Savard, 5 Sqn, Water Polo

The Winning Teams, presented by Commandant BGen Trembly and Director of Cadets LCol Lemyre, were:

in Badminton, 26707 OCdt (I) Minho Lee, 3 Sqn; in Squash, 25885 OCdt (IV) Karan Malhan, 6 Sqn;

in Water Polo, B Division; in Ultimate Frisbee, 8 Sqn;

in Soccer, 2 Sqn; in Tier A Ice Hockey, A Division;

in Tier B Ice Hockey, A Division; and in Ball Hockey, 2 Sqn.

LCol Lemyre also took the opportunity to present “450 Club” T-shirts to the newest members of the Club. These members scored 450 or more on the last RMC PPT. The newest members of the 450 Club were:

25720 OCdt (IV) Cindy Lavine (Score of 451); 26099 OCdt (II) Jean-Sebastien Otis (Score of 450);

25360 OCdt (IV) Dominic Ragetli (Score of 453); and 25815 NCdt (IV) Jae Song (Score of 454).

LCol Lemyre then focused the Cadet Wing in on next semester. “We’ve come along way in establishing the effectiveness of the Cadet Wing,” he said, “but there is still much work to be done. You have a good leadership team right now, and the one coming in will be just as good. They can’t do it without you, though. They will need your support.”

The Winter 2013 Barslate is as follows:

CWC – 25888 OCdt (IV) Joseph Martin, 12 Sqn
DCWC- 25766 OCdt (IV) Robert Cohoe, 3 Sqn

CWTO – 25712 OCdt (IV) Shane Amirault, 3 Sqn

CWOpsO – 25268 OCdt (IV) Marc Grenier, 3 Sqn

CWADO – 25859 NCdt (IV) Benjamin Deutsch, 7 Sqn

A Div CDL – 25755 OCdt (IV) Taylor Raeburn-Gibson, 2 Sqn

B Div CDL – 25884 OCdt (IV) Matthew Sukstorf, 4 Sqn

C Div CDL – 25701 OCdt (IV) Brandon Pinkney, 9 Sqn

D Div CDL – 25849 OCdt (IV) Andrew Chapman, 10 Sqn

CSL 1 Sqn – 25037 OCdt (IV) Nicolas MetayerCSL 2 Sqn – 25891 OCdt (IV) Brandon WhiteCSL 3 Sqn – 25827 OCdt (IV) Nicholas LauwersCSL 4 Sqn – 25589 OCdt (IV) Ripley PennellCSL 5 Sqn – 25756 OCdt (IV) Clive Serrao

CSL 6 Sqn – 25876 OCdt (IV) Alexandre Dugas

CSL 7 Sqn – 25591 OCdt (IV) Britany Bourgeois

CSL 8 Sqn – 25914 OCdt (IV) J. Lee

CSL 9 Sqn – 25806 OCdt (IV) Andre-Philippe Lacombe

CSL 10 Sqn – 25779 OCdt (IV) Scott Nantes

CSL 11 Sqn – 25424 OCdt (IV) Adam Reece

CSL 12 Sqn – 25856 OCdt (IV) Cody Hansen

CSL Otter Sqn – M0993 OCdt (IV) Colin Clansey

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