We Asked for Feedback & We Got It!

Article by: 26659 OCdt (II) Danielle Andela

Reunion Weekend is a busy three days but not only for the Officer Cadets of Royal Military College of Canada!

Behind every pillbox are family and friends (F&F) who have supported their son or daughter through the downs of First Year Orientation Period and were here now to watch it come to an end.

The weekend for F&F began with an up-to-date brief by the Director of Cadets in Currie Hall.

The activities then continued onto the parade square where F&F watched their loved ones form up, painted up in their squadron colours and begin the race. F&F raced along with everyone else to follow their Officer Cadet through obstacle after obstacle and shared the tears of relief when the course was finished.

Saturday F&F were able to enjoy a fulfilling breakfast in the Cadet Dining Hall; that is when they are not being asked for interviews by your friendly e-Veritas reporter (yours truly). Through badging parade and the joining of the first years into the cadet wing, F&F shared in the excitement of the weekend and the amazing accomplishments of their love one. Most F&F were there to look on again, as the first years lined the route for the Ex Cadets March to the Arch on Sunday.

No matter what was happening, F&F of the first year Officer Cadets were there to support them, and the weekend truly was one for all people to celebrate and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Oh this is wonderful, even coming in here and seeing the parade square and seeing the structure and the order, the whole place. I am very, very proud and very pleased to be here, it is a wonderful experience. It’s great to come and see where they eat breakfast and day to day life. And the pride that all the cadets have, you can just tell that all the parents feel a sense of pride. Terry and Sandra Pauley

This is a fantastic place and it is so beautiful and awesome. And well-structured timing, everything was good, there was nobody waiting around. I was very, very impressed with the whole way it was done. The food is good, everything is good. Lots of military structure and the teamwork too, watching them all working together.Mr. Baillent and Mr. St. Louis

It’s really great to see the munchkins becoming so big. They’ve persevered and pushed through. Pride is probably the big one [feeling] and just the whole idea of pushing through, reaching a goal. The obstacle course was simply amazing. It was great to see the teams working together, especially up on the wall.The Family of OCdt Semple

It was a lot of fun. Friday was exhausting and I didn’t even have to partake in it. It was great to see the new cadets, the old timers, like everybody came together. For me who has never seen or experienced that it was a great experience. The campus is gorgeous; I like the historic buildings and the view.The MacDonald and Barb Family

We have been thrilled to be here. It’s well organized and through E-Veritas we were very well informed when we came here. I liked the opportunity to see the room, eat in the mess and experience day to day life. I like to visualize what happens after you drop them off.Doug and Shelly Silk

It’s actually a beautiful place; we were really impressed with the situation, the buildings are magnificent. Yesterday, the obstacle course was just, wow, that was just amazing. Even when someone was struggling, the way the others just helped out and supported them and the wonderful encouragement was really good. – Ruth Kraigen

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