RRMC 1972






  1. Paul Beswick #7723 on November 4, 2023 at 3:08 pm

    Looking at the above Golden Oldies and seeing wrestling in the RRMC 1972 segment and the 1989 RMC segment, and remembering how important wrestling was for me in my time at RRMC (1964-66) and at RMC (1966-68), I am very disturbed and disappointed that wrestling, one of the original Olympic sports (first introduced in 708 BC), is no longer a sport at RMC – neither as a varsity/intercollegiate sport, nor as an intramural sport. I consider wrestling to be the most democratic, economical and one of the best all-round fitness sports – a wide variety of weight classes allows everyone to compete against someone their own size; the only equipment needed is a mat, singlet and shoes and; the fitness and stamina required for a 7 minute wrestling match is formidable. I consider the lack of a wrestling sports team at RMC to be a shortcoming of the current athletic director and urge this person to bring it back at the earliest opportunity.

    • 8816 Marius Grinius, Class of '71 on November 5, 2023 at 9:10 pm

      As a recruit (1967-68) I remember Paul being one of my Seniors and his excellnce in wrestling. While focussing on judo and on the football gridiron, I also remember the importance of the tough lessons learned from those one-on-one sports, including also boxing. I attribute my losses in intra-mural wrestling as important contributions to build resilience that later served me well both in the military and the foreiign service. This is not to denigrate the critical importance of team sports or the intellectual ability, via chess or go, to wage cyber warfare. The Olympics for women include wrestling, judo, boxing, karate and tae-kwondo. All such face-to-face sports do help to foster determintion and resilience in the young men and women who will be our leaders tomorrow.

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