2022 Hamilton Branch Xmas Meet and Greet

Greetings fellow RMC/CMR Alumni

Once again, the Hamilton Branch RMC Alumni Association will be holding an annual meet and greet at HMCS STAR in Hamilton on December 22nd.  The event will include an informal reception starting at 1830 until 2100. The purpose of the evening is to connect current serving local cadets with Ex Cadets to share stories and pass along news from the school.  It is also a great way for prospective cadets to learn more about RMC and what adventures lay ahead during and after their RMC experience.  Family and friends of current and prospective cadets are encouraged to attend.  Light food will be available along with a cash bar for those over 19.

Location of HMCS STAR

Enter the main gates for HMCS STAR located of of the Dock Service Road and turn an immediate left after the guard shack.  Follow around to the end of the building, with the entrance being on the northwest side of the building.  Be wary of the one way streets on John and Wellington.

RSVP by December 15 to Keith Miller. miller_keitha@msn.com


Cadets: Scarlets

Ex Cadets: Sixes

All Others: Jacket and Tie or Equivalent


Current RMC/CMR Cades are welcome free of charge

All others $10 at the door

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