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Bill and Rolande Oliver


2531 Lieutenant-Colonel (ret’d) Kenneth K.G. Martin (RMC 1936), B.
Sc. (Eng) Sportsman, Soldier, Engineer, Teacher 1919 – 2008 Died
peacefully March 1, 2008 at the Queensway-Carleton Hospital in
Ottawa, of natural causes.
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“I can promise you that your training will be challenging, I can promise you that I will do everything in my power to continue to make sure that you are prepared to meet any operational tasks given to you,” Brause said. “And I can promise you that we will keep our regiment’s history strong and proud into the future, because we owe it to this community, we owe it to the veterans that have gone before us, we owe it to our association members and we owe it to ourselves, proud soldiers.”

11863 MW Brause (RRMC RMC ’78)

“A few of the faces we are seeing here are former classmates or comrades in arms, I knew during my military career,”

8057 Ross McKenzie (RMC ’70)

“We played a huge third period,” said Redmen head coach Martin Raymond. “It’s always fun to win on the road in front of a hostile crowd. I’m very proud of the boys, they showed lots of courage and pride tonight. It was a huge, historic win for our program. We will celebrate for a short time but we’re on a mission (to win a national title) and it’s not finished yet.”

Martin Raymond – McGill Men’s Hockey Coach – Winners of the 2008 Queen’s Cup


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