Political Correctness Gone Too Far: Parade Square to
become year round parking lot!

Grad parade to be moved to Hogan’s Alley & Ridout Row

Senior sources from within DND have told e-Veritas that the RMC Parade Square will become a year round parking lot. The decision was made at the highest levels in Ottawa.

Currently most staff uses a parking lot near the Navy Bay sports fields that is about 500m from the main working areas at the College. The Parade Square is less than 50 m away.

The senior DND bureaucrat, who did not want to be named, explained that this decision was based on the need to increase efficiency: “…by shortening the distance from the parking lot to the workplace we expect employees to attend their work stations earlier, gaining us valuable work hours and increasing our corporate output.” He also added that shorter walks “diminish the risk of falls and other debilitating injuries.”

When asked – What about the Parade Square being used for parades? The Ottawa official replied “…that an area designated for parking usage would not be used for other purposes and it would be unreasonable to expect employees to make concessions simply for ceremonial purposes.”

The leadership at RMC apparently is not pleased with the decision but refused our offer to comment.

The new location for ceremonial parades such as Graduation and Reunion Weekend will now be held in the Hogan’s Alley and Ridout Row.

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