RMC Club: Strategic Review Report “The Road Ahead”

In This Issue 6:

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  • Good Bye, 14835 Eric Tremblay…Hello, 16888 Al Meinzinger & Much More…

  • Class Notes

  • Once Upon a Time They Were Officer Cadets…

  • Catching Up With the News

  • E3161 Victoria Edwards in conversation with 7776 Col (Ret) Chris Lythgo

  • What are these 24 up to these days…?

  • All About College Numbers & Being in the Right Place at the Right Time!

  • RMCC Prof. to Deliver 2014 Giroud Lecture in Berlin, Germany

  • Une délégation du CMR Saint-Jean au Bénin

  • Qu’est-ce qui se passe au CMR Saint-Jean

  • The Week That Was & More…

  • Sports

  • Careers | Carrières / Tip of the Hat / Realtor Partners

  • 3069 W.A. McColl’s – II Year – 1951:

“…I’ll be more credit to the College as a graduate than as a premature ex-cadet.”

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