Cadet Skylarks Take to New Heights


Spot landing in the mess!


For those of us who have been around the college for a few years we aware of two things:

Cadets being cadets will always be expected to be ‘trying something’ to try and embarrass the staff and or their seniors in the form of some type of skylark. If the college has been around for 135 years; skylarks have been around for 134.

Second, most of us are well aware of the dedicated, highly-trained, and hard working staff from the Cadet Dining Hall (CDR) that truly cares about the welfare of all the cadets that ‘eat in’ –  day in and day out.

Over the years many things have wound up in the CDR from fully assembled cars to the most recent addition of a Victoria era cannon last semester. But last week a new standard for skylarks was set when an Air Cadet glider measuring 54 ft by 27 ft was found in the middle of the CDR! Many ex cadets recall their most memorable moments from RMC / RRMC /CMR being the dark nights when they would come together and pull of a skylark, like putting a Volkswagen mini in the Royal Road’s library!


Skylarks have always been done with the purpose of boosting morale and encouraging teamwork and fighting spirit. The glider certainly achieved that, judging by the flood of facebook communications raving about one of the best skylarks of all time, and how these sorts of sudden surprises are bringing  pride back to RMC cadets.

When the glider was found last Wednesday morning in the CDR, there was a definite buzz around the college. This event proved that when done within the rules, and done safely, skylarks definitely have a place here at RMC. Cadets rejoiced that Skylarks have finally made their way back into the RMC culture. Let’s hope that the challenge to “Top this” made by the glider crew does not go unanswered and that cadets come together to pull off some more epic skylarks, make some memories, and renew the sense of pride and morale here at RMC.

On a final note the Dining Hall staff didn’t seem to mind too much (as reflected by their smiling faces –  in the photo above) even though there were a few inconveniences which increased their workload for a day or so.

All in all, a nice caper which will be talked about by cadets and staff for a long time to come. The big question: How do they top this?  Stay tuned.

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We asked a few folks to tell us their plans for Reading Week.

Major Kristin Topping – PhD Candidate: “Oh, the life of a PhD student… this Reading Week you’ll either find me in the lab or attending a Bioterrorism conference at Carleton University.”

Darren Cates – Director of Athletics “Reading week? All it means is we have a chance to catch up on all those things that we left for “later” and get ready for the final three months!”

Nicholas Vlachopoulos, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering Department“As exciting as it sounds, I will be working on catching up on my research and administrative duties here at RMC. Looking forward to it!”

Lt(N) Amber Comisso – 3 & 4 Sqn Comd – “With all the cadets away for Reading Week, I will be using the extra time to catch up on some filing and paperwork. Perhaps most importantly, I am planning to use the week to organize my email inbox. Signing all those leave passes definitely made me wish I was going away to somewhere hot instead!”

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