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Keeping Tabs


17367 Gary McMullen – President and Founder Muskoka Brewery

20449 Colin Laverty – Medical Student

19845 George Holland – Manager Operations at SkyLink Aviation

19923 John Timmermans – Military Officer at Department of National Defence

21969 Caro Gibson – RCN Unmanned Aircraft Systems Project Director at DND

23539 Jami Carter – Project Director, Infrastructure at Department of National Defence

23948 Vanessa Larosée – Officier Logistique chez Ministere Défense

15572 Nishika Jardine – Director Armament Sustainment Program Management

21847 Blair Saltel – Operational Requirements Manager at Canadian Surface Combatant Project Management Office – ADM(Mat) DGMFD (L&S)

17818 Luc Cournoyer – Materiel Group CIO at DND

17160 Stephen Kalyta – Wind Mobile- Head of National Supply Chain Group

17531 Mark Wilson– Vice President, Engineering at BC Ferries