19874 Brian Macdonald – Senior Political Strategist at Samuel Associates

M0958 Jason Kauen – Canadian Army HQ – Information and Knowledge Management Operations

23166 Andrea Hanley – Co-Founder B153

14741 Jean Genest – President and CEO at Pole Air Aviation

10155 Gregory Mitchell – Executive Director at Peace Operations Consulting

24673 Glynis Rogers – Photographer | Adventure | Portrait | Commercial

23315 Naser El-Beltagy – Deputy Commanding Officer at the Canadian Army Intelligence Regiment

19959 J. Jeffrey Hutchinson – Director Naval Strategic Management

20641 Caroline Massicotte – Greffière à la procédure at House of Commons of Canada Chambre des communes du Canada

G2018 Mike Mooz – Special Projects at Public Safety Canada | Sécurité publique Canada

13004 Stuart Moors – Retired Senior Military Professional

21516 Rae-Lynn (Richard) Hacker – ACSO at Department of National Defence

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