(L to R): 26015 OCdt Justin Hanlon, 3342 Dr. Craig Moffatt and 26500 NCdt Richard Barnes

Mech/Aero Eng Awards

Every spring, the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department staff and students come together to recognize the efforts and achievements of the top 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students. The awards are named after pioneers in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering who were also significant contributors and mentors at RMC. This year’s ceremony was held May 8, 2015 in Currie Hall.

The A.C. Leonard Award is given annually to the student group in 4th year judged by the faculty to have presented the best 4th year Mechanical Engineering Project. It honours Dr. A.C. Leonard, former Dean of Engineering, Department Head and professor of Mechanical Engineering at RMC. He also served in the RCAF in World War II (WWII), in the Canadian Army as an RCEME officer in Korea. Outstanding teacher, scholar and mentor, Dr. Leonard displayed a mastery of the orderly and logical communication of engineering knowledge, which the award is intended to recognize. This year’s award was presented by 3342 Dr. Craig Moffatt on behalf of the Leonard family to 26015 OCdt (IV) Justin Hanlon and 26500 NCdt (IV) Richard Barnes.


The W.C. Moffatt Award is given annually to the 4th year Aeronautical Engineering student who best demonstrates the qualities of a person driven to excellence by their own enthusiasm, intellectual curiosity and strong motivation to learn. 3342 Dr. Craig Moffatt is an outstanding teacher, and former Mechanical Engineering Department Head and Dean of Engineering, who inspired his students to excellence for over 40 years at RMC. The winning student must also have contributed to a positive learning experience for his or her entire class through sound leadership in the classroom and laboratories. Dr. Moffatt was in attendance to present the award to 26532 OCdt (IV) Ryan Metcalf.


 (L to R): 3342 Dr. Craig Moffatt and 26532 OCdt Ryan Metcalf


The Bussières Prize is awarded annually to the 3rd year student achieving the highest average in design-related engineering courses, and having demonstrated singular excellence in the 3rd year Mechanical Engineering Design Course competition. 2864 Dr. Pierre Bussières was a member of the first class known as the “The New One Hundred”, which re-opened RMC after WWII. He served fourteen years in the RCAF, mostly as a Flight Test Engineer, and retired as a Squadron Leader. Later he became a member of the RMC faculty, also serving ten years as Special Assistant to the Principal and three years as the Mechanical Engineering Department Head. He always tried to embed his experience with all stages of aircraft design into his teaching and mentoring of RMC cadets. Dr. Bussières was in France at the time of the ceremony, so Dr. David DuQuesnay presented this year’s prize to 26702 OCdt (III) John McDonald.


 (L to R): 26702 OCdt John McDonald and Dr. David DuQuesnay


The Lucas Prize is presented annually to the 3rd year Aeronautical Engineering student who demonstrated singular excellence in the 3rd year Aeronautical Design Course competition. 9805 Brigadier General (retired) Dwayne Lucas prompted the implementation of an Aeronautical Engineering Degree program at RMC when he was the Director General Aerospace Equipment Program Management in 2003. He is an Aircraft Structural Engineer who never misses the opportunity to enhance the development of young officers and engineers while also being dedicated to support Air Force operations. Dr. Habib Benabdallah presented this year’s prize on behalf of BGen (ret’d) Lucas to 26776 OCdt (III) Keith Latulippe.

 (L to R): 26776 OCdt Keith Latulippe and Dr. Habib Benabdallah


 The Mike Gatien Award of Manufacturing Excellence is presented to the 2nd year Mechanical or Aeronautical Engineering student who proved not only their knowledge of the theory of manufacturing processes, but above all, in Mike’s spirit, the drive and determination to create to the best of their abilities the MEE/GMF 233 project (which included lathe work, welding and metrology).  Mike Gatien was talented both in building, modifying and repairing machines, as well as in helping students to understand such machines. Mark Gatien, Mike’s son, presented this year’s award to 26901 OCdt (II) Cody Hartwick.


 (L to R): 26901 OCdt Cody Hartwick and Mark Gatien (Mike Gatien’s son)


In addition, two Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineers (CSME) Gold Medals were presented this year. One medal was cut into two puzzle pieces and presented by the Dept. Head, 15595 Dr. Billy Allan to the 4th year Mechanical Engineering Project Team that achieved the highest mark in the MEE/GMF 471 Project course. The team members were 26415 OCdt (IV) John De Boer and 26334 OCdt (IV) Ioan Zaharia.


 (L to R): 26415 OCdt John De Boer, 15595 Dr. Billy Allan, and 26334 OCdt Ioan Zaharia


The second CSME medal, also presented by 15595 Dr. Billy Allan, was for a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student who showed leadership and esprit de corps above and beyond his peers in the department. The winner was 26507 NCdt (IV) Graham Austin.


 (L to R): 26507 NCdt Graham Austin and 15595 Dr. Billy Allan

Following the award presentations in Currie Hall, the 4th year Mech and Aero Eng classes as well as the faculty gathered for the iconic class photo that would soon join the collection that lines the halls of the Mech/Aero Engineering Department for future generations to see. Congratulations to all the award winners. To the 4th years, may your knowledge and critical thinking learned during your Mechanical or Aeronautical Engineering programs aid you in the careers on which you are about to embark. Best of luck.

Capt Sean Leithead, CD, rmc

RMC Mech/Aero Eng Dept Lecturer

23191, Class of 2005