On behalf of our NS Branch members, we are deeply saddened to hear of the deaths of the four fourth year officer cadets.  Our thoughts, prayers and condolences are with their families, friends, the staff at RMC and the Alumni Association.  To the graduating Class of 2022, please know that the bond you share will last a lifetime.  Your careers as Commissioned Officers in the Canadian Armed Forces will take all of you in different directions, but your path will always lead back to your time at the Colleges.  When you reunite 5,10,15 years from now, you will have the opportunity to share new experiences with your classmates, and reminisce on your triumphs and sorrows from the past.   Our motto will forever be remembered – Truth, Duty, Valour

8120 Bill Gard,  President Nova Scotia Branch

On behalf of the Toronto Branch, we are honored to count you into the fold of your soon to be alumni status. Know we are here for you as mentors, colleagues and friends throughout your career, wherever that career may take you. Know that you are always welcome whether living in Toronto or just passing through. In closing, congratulations on this significant accomplishment. You will come to realize the many ways CMC as an experience prepares you for all that life has to offer. Cherish it, and know that many of the bonds you have forged between you here will last a lifetime.

17198 Stephen Kalyta,  President Toronto Branch

On behalf of the membership of the Vancouver Island Ex-Cadet Club, I would like to extend to the entire Military Colleges Community, and in particular to the families and the graduating colleagues of Officer Cadets Andrei Honciu, Jack Hogarth, Andrés Salek and Broden Murphy, our deepest and sincerest condolences. This is a tragic loss of four young promising cadets on the verge of graduation, and words cannot properly express the depth of our sorrow. Please know that our thoughts are with you all at this most difficult and challenging time.

10460 Gary C Nason, President Vancouver Island Ex-Cadet Club

It is with deep sorrow that we read of the tragic loss of four of your classmates.  It is truly a horrible circumstance, and our hearts go out to each and every one of you.  It is hard to understand why four young men would be taken from us at the start of their careers.  This is an inconceivable loss for your class,  and a loss for you as individuals as well – you will all be personally impacted by their early demise.

Regretfully,  this is a circumstance that many of your former alumni have experienced, so we have an understanding of the grief and disbelief you must be feeling.  Mistakes, missteps and misjudgments have too often resulted in serious injury or fatality within our RMC classes.  We pray that all cadets and alumni stay strong, stay alert and stay safe as we navigate our way through our lives.  We pray for your classmates, their families, and your cadet wing as you work through the agony of the loss of your classmates.

We are with you in spirit, with you in pain, and with you in hope.


10323 Ken Tanner, on behalf of all the members of the RMC Club Vancouver Branch

La perte de quatre élèves-officiers, quatre jeunes hommes à l’aurore de leur vie, en pleine possession de leurs moyens, engagés au service des valeurs de la grande communauté humaine, n’est rien de moins que tragique.  Gardons toutefois un souvenir bien vivant de leur joie de vivre, de la vitalité avec laquelle ils ont embrassé leur vie et se sont dépassés.  Tous les membres du Chapitre Québec de l’Association des ancien(ne)s des CMR offrent leurs condoléances les plus sincères aux familles, aux collègues et aux amis de ces jeunes gens disparus.

The loss of four officer-cadets, four young men in the prime of their lives, in full possession of their abilities, committed to secure the values of the grand human community, is nothing short of tragic. However, let’s vividly remember their joy of living, the vitality with which they embraced their lives and surpassed themselves.  All the members of the Quebec Branch of the RMC Alumni Association offer their deepest condolences to the families, colleagues and friends of these young people.

10404 Denis Faubert, Président Chapitre Québec



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