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Dear Graduating Class of 2022,

The Class of 79 wishes to pass its heartfelt condolences to each and every member of the Graduating Class of 2022 on the untimely loss of four wonderful friends and comrades. Our Class has lost several classmates through the years and it always causes sadness and grief when we think of them to know that we will never meet again to tell stories and share experiences. However, in a strange way. it also always gives us a chance when we think of them to remember them fondly, to rejoice at knowing them, and to recall what we learned from them during our time together.

Think of all the wonderful times you have all spent together meeting and excelling at the challenges that the College presented in the squadrons, on the sports fields, and in the classrooms!  And perhaps even more so, during the formative times spent together in summer training.  In particular, remember the joy, inspiration, leadership, and lessons learned from your friends Jack, Andrei, Broden, and Andrès as you move forward in life. These lessons and memories will help you deal with all the future challenges that come your way. Remember them and use the lessons always.

We wish you great success and happiness in your military careers and encourage you to take the happiest and most meaningful memories from your time together with Jack, Andrei, Broden, and Andrès and incorporate them into your toolbox to become the best officers and leaders that you can be.

With deepest respects and condolences,

Class of 79

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