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2010 Navy grads receive Salty Dips –

6604 James Carruthers (RRMC RMC 1965) recently presented the first copy of the Salty Dip CD to the navy (CMS) on behalf of the Ottawa Branch of the Naval Officers’ Association of Canada (NOAC) in his capacity as VP NOAC Ottawa.

This CD is, is widely recognized as ‘the unofficial history of the navy’ so the retired (N) Captain had the idea that each graduating naval cadet should also get a copy so as to provide some naval background as they head to the fleet. James made a donation to the Foundation to cover the cost, got the CDs and delivered them to the commandant, Cmdre William Truelove at the Kingsmill dedication ceremony in Portland, ON.

In the photo above, Deputy Director of Cadets, 20627 LCdr Hugo Laplante (CMR RMC ‘97) is surrounded by 45  happy IV years taken a day or two before graduation day proudly displaying their CDs.

The intent is that this will be an annual event for graduating navy cadets.

Naval History by Those who Lived and Made It

This year the Canadian Navy celebrates its Centennial. To honour this event, the Naval Officers Association of Canada (Ottawa Branch) has produced a CD containing the nine volumes of the books known as Salty Dips, the first eight revised to include many photographs not in the original printed versions, many new footnotes to help clarify terms and acronyms that are no longer in common use, and indexes. There is also a “master index” to guide the reader through the stories in the nine volumes.

Part of the stated purpose of the Canadian Naval Centennial is to “build and strengthen in Canadians an appreciation of their Navy”. To this end the Salty Dips Centennial Collection CD gathers in one place the reminiscences of men and women who served their country at some time over the last 100 years in the Navy and Merchant Service. These are not stories limited to war; included are many stories of peacetime experiences.

There are interviews with some who were present at the formation of the Royal Canadian Navy and its participation in the First World War. There are Dips by some who witnessed the near abolition of the Navy during the 1920’s and the depression years of the 1930’s. There are wonderful Dips by Veterans of the Second World War and by those who participated in the Korean War, the Cold War, Peacekeeping in Africa, the Gulf Wars and Afghanistan; and yes, many Dips from the years in between.

Volume 9 also contains two excellent Prologues. One describes the early and challenging days of the Royal Canadian Navy and the second deals with the unification of the Canadian military and the evolution of the Canadian Forces as they stand today. These essays were considered essential for the reader to develop an understanding of the tenacity of the Navy and those who served in it through this 100 year period.

“Salty Dips Volumes 1-9 The Centennial Collection” is available for purchase from the Naval Officers Association of Canada (Ottawa Branch) at a cost of $15.00 plus shipping through their website at www.noac.ottawa.on.ca

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