Prepared by Peter Avis, OB Adjutant, Class of 1979

It is important to note that the Canadian Armed Forces Dress Manual has recently been updated.  Two sub-paragraphs in the new Dress Manual are of particular interest for all Retired CAF members and Old Brigade members.  Here are the new rules for Ceremonial and Service Dress (No1s and No3s) and Mess Dress (No2s):

Although there is mention of a “distinctive CAF Retiree Insignia,” the CAF has not made these insignia available for members.  So, until the time when the insignia are available, Mess Dress (No2s) may be worn at appropriate events without the insignia.

Thus, for Old Brigade members, you have official permission to wear your mess dress to events like the Legacy Dinner and the Old Brigade Dinner if you wish to do so – this would be the equivalent to “Black Tie” event dress.  These rules will apply for the events of the Reunion Weekend on 12-15 September 2024.

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