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3610 Paul Southall (RMC 1956) and his wife of 49 years, Barbara, share a happy moment, following the Convocation. Paul earned a Master of Arts – War Studies and was one of many Ex cadets who walked on stage to receive a PG degree at the 84th RMC convocation which was held 14 May 2009.

“The real message is to be involved. I was on the Foundation Board when Dr. Jim Barrett suggested post-graduate education and being retired, that appealed to me. Dr. John Cowan was the one responsible for suggesting War Studies which caught my interest. Finally, it is not the destination but the journey. The number of new friends I have made is lengthy, and if I tried to name names I would surely forget one. Without the help of these friends the trip would have been tedious indeed. I cannot forget to mention my real mentor, Shawn Cafferky. Although we only met face-to-face once, I miss talking to him a great deal.

Finally I must say the indulgence of the Department of Continuing Studies and the War Studies Faculty was exceptional.

I will never forget the experience but I must say that I am now retired, other than some minor Charitable Foundation work.”

Paul Southall


Master of Arts / Maîtrise ès arts

War Studies / Études sur la conduite de la guerre

G4028 Alexandra Rose DUVAL
23595 Sherbrooke, QC

G2955 Karyne Helena Louise FRAMAND
21069 Courville, QC

G3697 David Lyman HILL
21984 Moosomin, SK

G3377 Jaime Ann PHILLIPS
22973 Fredericton, NB

G4017 Pierre-Luc RIVARD
23671 Gatineau, QC

G2674 Paul A. SOUTHALL
3610 Burlington, ON

G3396 Dino-Martin LAPLANTE
17719 Forestville, QC


Master of Applied Science / Maîtrise ès sciences appliquées

Physics / Physique

G3998 Françoise BLANC
23043 Charlesbourg, QC

G3956 Pascal Joseph Claude TREMBLAY
20274 Sept-Îles, QC

Computer Engineering / Génie informatique

G3625 John Tyler CLARK Dr. G.S. Knight / Prof. S.P. Leblanc
20942 Winnipeg, MB
On Unintended USB Communication Channels
À propos de canaux de communication involontaires USB

Electrical Engineering / Génie électrique
G3960 Dominic A. DUPUIS Dr. F.A. Okou
M0890 Gaspé, QC
Five-Level Diode-Clamped Converter Based StatCom: Capacitors Voltage
Balancing Technique
Compensateur statique basé sur un convertisseur cinq-niveaux à diodes pincées :
Technique pour équilibrer les tensions des condensateurs

G3955 Michael Howard HIGUCHI Dr. F. Chan
21788 Kingston, ON
Spatially Coded Iterative Symbol Detection and Decoding for V-BLAST Architecture
Détection de symboles et décodage itératifs pour une architecture V-BLAST avec
codage spatial

G3991 Eric Hunter NORTH Dr. M. Tarbouchi / Dr. A.M. Noureldin
22274 Trenton, ON
Positioning and Navigation of Wheeled Mobile Robots in Challenging GPS
Positionnement et navigation d’un robot mobile à roues en l’absence du signal GPS

G3965 Tara Megan RAKOCZY Dr. D. McGaughey / Dr. M. Korenberg (Queen’s)
21512 Mississauga, ON
Feature Selection for CAD of Breast Cancer using DCE-MRI Images
Sélection des caractéristiques pour le diagnostic du cancer du sein assisté par
ordinateur en utilisant la résonance magnétique rehaussée par un agent de contraste

G4032 Jennifer Krista STAMPLECOSKIE Dr. D. McGaughey /
21823 Ottawa, ON Dr. M. Korenberg (Queen’s)
Data Compression of Blainville’s Beaked Whale Vocalizations
La compression de vocalisations de baleine à bec de Blainville

G3130 Cheyane Kirk WICKS Dr. Y.M.M. Antar
20701 Gander Bay, NL
Antenna Elements and Feed Network Design for High Gain Antenna Arrays
at 30 GHZ
Antenne et structure d’alimentation d’antenne appliqué pour de hautes matrices
d’antenne d’augmentation à 30 GHZ

Nuclear Engineering / Génie nucléaire

G3996 Stéphane HÉBERT       Dr. B.J. Lewis
M0793 Eastern Passage, NS
Identification and Leaching of Defective Low Void Reactivity Fuel
Identification et lessivage de combustible nucléaire défectueux à faible réactivité due a
la fraction de vide

Software Engineering / Génie du logiciel

G3953 Craig Andrew LEWIS    Dr. R. Smith
M0829 Five Islands, NS
A Model Driven Framework for N-Version Programming
Un cadre modèle pour la programmation à N-version logiciel

G2819 Sylvain Emmanuel MARQUIS  Dr. GS Knight / Dr. TR Dean (Queen’s)

Edmundston, NB

22208   “SCL: A Generic Technique for Specifying Semantic Constraints between
Fields of a Network Message for Vulnerability Testing.”

Master of Applied Military Science / Maîtrise èn science militaire appliquée

Management / Gestion

G2727 Paul Andrew ROMANO
15569 Almonte, ON

Master of Business Administration / Maîtrise en administration des affaires

G3958 Jennifer Catharine DONOFRIO
23803 Kingston, ON

G3657 Neil Bradley MARSHALL Dr. W.J. Hurley
20796 Winnipeg, MB
Uncommon Intent: Measuring Levels of Shared Commander’s Intent
L’intention peu commune : Mesure des niveaux de partage de l’intention
du commandant

G4015 Matthew G.L. MCLEOD
23785 Lindsay, ON


The Teaching Excellence Award was donated by the Class of 1965 in memory of the late Dr. Tom Barton. It is given in recognition of exemplary concern for students, dedication to teaching and enthusiasm in lecturing and an extraordinary ability to stimulate learning.

22428 Kristen Topping (RMC 2002)

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