Getting Rid of Cheesy Team-Building Techniques in Favor of Genuine Connection, With 16656 Scott Clancy CMR 1989 –

Faces of Freedom Podcast Episode 4 Trauma, resilience and a return to Afghanistan 23350 Simon Mailloux, CMR RMC 2006 CONTENT WARNING VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED 

Lieutenant-General 17312 Jennie Carignan RMC Class of 1990 (Culture Change in the Canadian Armed Forces), Shoot like a Girl Podcast –


23501 Blake McNaughton RMC Class of 2006, on the Pilot Project:  Episode 21:  The teacher, The Snowbird, The Student:  A life as a pilot in the RCAF –

Canadian Army Podcast – Counter Drone Warfare (S4 E10) – Are we in the Wild West era of drone warfare? The advancement of drone technology is having a big impact on the battlefield – the war in Ukraine is an example. To keep pace, the Canadian Army has been getting help from Defence Research and Development Canada along with industry partners to counter the threat of drone warfare. Jared Giesbrecht, a defence research scientist, explains the challenges our soldiers face and offers clever solutions to detect and defeat enemy drones. –

7690 W. Craig Riddell RMC Class of 1968, on his path from the Canadian Navy to labour economics –

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