Dear Members of the Royal Military Colleges Alumni Association Inc.,

Thank you indefinitely for your abundant generosity in supporting the Résilience Plus program. Thanks to your support, I’ve had the opportunity to attend and present at the International Society of Military Sciences Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark (6-8 November, 2023).

In addition, Dr. Chérif and myself were invited to the Royal Danish Defence Academy to present the Résilience Plus program to the entirety of their training wing. Both of these amazing events had successful outcomes that positively impacted the CMC and the CAF image on the international scene.

As a matter of fact, the Royal Danish Defence Academy is thrilled to join our program’s international collaboration initiative. Furthermore, participating in the ISMS conference was incredibly beneficial to my social, military, and academic education as well as my networking, professional and personal development. Both events sharpened my educational capabilities and pushed the limits of my knowledge, discipline, and resourcefulness.

Through your generosity, you allow CMC students to fully emerge in the beauty of the international academic scene, where ideas and cultures are combined to advance the military sciences. Une fois de plus, j’exprime ma gratitude et mes remerciements les plus sincères pour votre engagement exceptionnel envers la croissance et le succès de nos élèves officiers et aspirants de la marine.

OCdt Bélanger Vaillancourt (II)

Royal Military College of Canada

Résilience Plus Senior Ambassador

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