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The Space Science department at the Royal Military College has constructed a new website. The purpose of this website is to provide information to the public, improve accessibility to research documents and upcoming events, and increase visibility of the Space Science program and research at RMC. The Space Science program at RMC is one of the best in Canada, producing leading edge research and providing expert instruction in the areas of Space Science and physics. This is something for the RMC community to be proud of.

In addition to Space Science, the Physics department at the RMC also offers B.Sc., M.Sc. and PhD programs with specialization in Acoustics & Oceanography and Materials Science.

At RMC, students can study theoretical, experimental and observational aspects of Space Science. This includes, but is not limited to, space mission analysis, mission and payload design, remote sensing, satellite tracking, ionospheric physics and space weather, and astronomy and astrophysics.

The Department is home to seven faculty members that specialize in Space Science:

Dr. Joseph Buckley (radar backscatter, Radarsat I & II),

Lt. Cdr(ret’d). Doug Burrell (surveillance of space using small optical telescopes),

Capt. Aralt Mac Giolla Chainnigh (theoretical radio astrophysics),

Dr. Jean- Marc Noel (ionospheric physics, space weather, CubeSats),

Dr. Thomas Racey (satellite tracking using small optical telescopes),

Dr. Kristine Spekkens (galaxy dynamics and evolution) and

Dr. Gregg Wade (optical stellar astrophysics, stellar activity and magnetism).

Additionally, space science is a very diverse field, and much of the research being conducted at RMC requires participation from other fields such as electrical, mechanical, chemical, and computer engineering.

With space science being an inter-disciplinary field there exist virtually unlimited educational, and career opportunities. A student can begin their academic career by studying Space Science at the undergraduate level then pursue post graduate studies in another field of study. Alternatively, a student could complete an undergraduate degree in a complimentary field of student then pursue post-graduate studies in Space Science. RMC is always searching for brilliant minds to participate in their Space Science Program whether they are B.Sc. students, Post-Graduate Students, Staff, or Research Associates.

Please visit our new Space Science website. Simply by visiting the homepage you will help increase the visibility of the site. While it is nearing the end of construction, there are many useful tools that will help increase the exposure for RMC, and will link the College with the entire Canadian space science community.


Facepaint and Dodgeball

By: 25849 Andrew Chapman

On Saturday, the 14th of May, the first year class of the Royal Military College held the annual first year class project.

After weeks of preparation the RMC first years, under the leadership of OCdt Demers (25707), held a day of fun and games for just over one hundred children from the city of Kingston at the KMCSC field house. Among the participants this year, included a group of children from the Boys and Girls Club as well as the Big Brothers Big Sisters.

The children arrived early in the morning, and, after some quick organization, were paired with their respective first year officer cadets. This insured that all the children would have direct supervision, and all of the first year cadets could be involved in a meaningful way in the day’s events.

The day began with events organized and carried out completely by the cadets from squadrons one to seven. As the theme of the day was Disney, activities such as two squadron’s “The Incredible’s” relay race, and five squadron’s “Kung Fu Panda” agility run were carried out in stations around the KMCSC field house. After a quick break for pizza, squadrons eight to thirteen had their turn. The afernoon saw such activities as nine squadron’s “Jungle Book” Tag, and thirteen squadron’s “Peter Pan “Dodge Ball.

The activities evidently brought as much fun to the cadets as it did to the children. Everyone involved had a great time carrying out the projects of the day, or just getting their faces painted at the three squadron face-painting station. One of the most rewarding aspects of the day was the process of carrying out this activity. The first year class project marks the first time that the RMC class of 2013 came together to plan, organize, and carry out an event under their own leadership.

If the successes of the first year project are any indication, the Class of 2013 surely has many other triumphant projects lying ahead during the rest of their time at the Royal Military College of Canada.

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