As part of an effort to get to know some of the many new faces around the peninsula, 25366 Mike Shewfelt recently sat down for a brief chat with 23935 Capt Zachary Gatehouse, the new commander of 4 Sqn. 

e-Veritas: Sir, what expectations do you have on coming back to the College…?

23935 Zachary Gatehouse: My expectations coming here were simple. I expected to be able to deal with motivated and interested people who wanted to be Officers in the CF. Being a former cadet I know full well the range of personalities that make up the Cadet Wing, but thus far I have been impressed. The College has changed significantly since I left it last, and I believe these changes to be for the better. There is a sense of focus, an intent, and most importantly an end state that stems further than just reaching the parade square in the spring of Fourth Year. As I speak to Cadets more and more, there is an understanding of the road beyond the arch and the responsibility they will have as they assume leadership roles over the men and women of the CF.

e-Veritas: What are you looking forward to about working with the Cadets…? And what advice would you give them…?

23935 Zachary Gatehouse: I am looking forward to simply being involved in the growth of junior officers and helping people define their leadership style so that it works for them. My advice to cadets is simply to try. Stay motivated throughout your time here because in the end, when you get to you Platoons, Troops, Ships, and Planes you will realize that RMC was something good. Stay close to friends as well because there is little time post grad to see people!

e-Veritas: What goals do you have for the position you are now in…?

23935 Zachary Gatehouse: I, like all officers, continue to learn every day. My goals are to continue that trend while pushing knowledge around to the Cadets and fellow Training Wing Staff so that we can all learn and make things work effectively.

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