We are fortunate this edition to have major contributions from a wide variety of sources:

Victoria Edwards continues to provide us with “gems” almost on a daily basis. IV Year Kayne Carr is now back in class and pulling down a hefty 4 pillar workload. He somehow manages to find time to help us out on two fronts – with a first class article on long time french language teacher Bob Charette and, of course, his technical expertise makes it all happen.

Paule Poulin and Annie Djiotsa from the RMC public affairs section were kind enough to provide timely well written articles and photos from the Reunion Weekend, which have greatly enhanced this edition. We invite them both to be constant contributors in the future.

In addition, two II Year Otter Squadron cadets, Dean Fleet and Geordie Cheeseman were kind enough to take time from their busy schedules to provide articles which help us provide a balance that we have not always achieved in past editions.

Last but not least, Sgt Jeff Brideau has been helping us out for the past month at Panet House. Sgt Jeff, supervised a work party of cadets during Reunion Weekend which was crucial in ensuring mundane but essential tasks were completed on time and in an efficient manner. He has also contributed to e-Veritas 21 by researching a number of articles, which we used in “Catching Up With the News.

“Many hands make the burden light.”

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