Over the next few weeks  we plan on posting a number of “oldies but goodies photos” from the past 10 decades & beyond. Most of these photos have little or no captions. We retrieved them from both the Royal Military College of Canada library archives and an old shoe box full of photos laying around Panet House.  Some will be easily identifiable but most may only be recognizable by those in the photos.  If you can help us out please leave a short comment.  Who, When & What was the occasion?

Quiz Time

One photo below has two Cadets in it who both went on to become Commandant of the Royal Military College of Canada. Can you tell us which photo it is and who the Cadets are…? Leave your response in the Comments section below. The two Ex cadets in question and family members are requested to refrain from leaving a comment “until” they are identified. A short, I remember that photo because… would add a nice touch to the post.


And more recently…

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