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Late last week, the College Senate met to confirm/approve graduants for the upcoming fall convocation. Chaired by the Commandant , in his capacity as Vice Chancellor of the University, the Senate is the senior academic body of the College. Other members include the Principal, Deans, DCdts, Registrar,and Dr.Bouchard (Faculty Rep).

The Senate normally meets at least twice a year, or more often if required to address emerging issues. In the weeks ahead, the Senate will reconvene to review/approve the College’s Internal Quality Assurance Program for academic programs which will be implemented over the coming years.

The Senate is also responsible to review/approve Honourary Degrees, hear final appeals on academic matters, discuss high level academic issues emerging from Faculty Board/Council and Dean’s meeting while also providing the executive body to discuss other strategic issues related to the Academic structure and programs.

The minutes for these meetings are prepared by the Registrar and available as part of the College records.


Silent Walk pays tribute to fallen Canadian soldiers:

At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.

By: 24702 OCdt (IV) Kaitlin Baskerville

Remembrance is usually about the past. Today, it is also about the present. Last August the number of Canadian soldiers who had died in Afghanistan had reached 152. They were brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, moms and dads, they were family and friends. On November 10th 2010, the cadets of the Royal Military College of Canada honoured these soldiers with a Silent Walk.

In the pre-dawn morning light squadrons formed up and were led onto the parade square at the unusual early time of 6:20 AM while their deployed comrades were ten hours ahead witnessing dusk in the desserts of Afghanistan:

At the going down of the sun and in the morning,

We will remember them.

While the cadets of the Royal Military College are use to forming up on the parade square, this morning was for a very different and solemn reason. One-hundred and fifty two cadets clutched the picture of a fallen comrade, their red poppies vibrant on their chest. Padre Lublink and fourth-year Baskerville shared words of remembrance with the parade followed by the tune of Amazing Grace. The sound of the bagpipes reverberated across the peninsula and when the pipe major finished his last note, there was silence. This silence would carry the cadets on their 2 km silent walk where the sound of only their marching boots, representing the heartbeat of each of the fallen and serving soldiers, allowed them to remember those who have passed and those who are currently serving overseas.

Not too long ago fallen solider Nichola Goddard 22458, Matthew Dawe 22596, Kenneth O’Quinn 23513, and Michelle Mendez 22007 were cadets here at the Royal Military College. Like us they had undergone basic training, were part of a squadron and were striving to excel in all four pillars here at RMC. They were looking forward to putting all their skills and training to work in the field. They graduated as Canadian Forces officers ready to take on their new tasks and responsibilities. Like you and I, they had goals, dreams and aspirations. They woke up every morning to the faces of their loved ones. They assured their spouses, children and parents that they would see them soon, as they hugged them and bid them farewell. They fought so that they could bring peace to Afghanistan and security to Canada. Wednesday morning the cadets honoured the bravery and heroism of these soldiers, who embodied the motto of truth, duty and valour.

This parade was not only a chance to remember as a group these 152 people we lost as a military, and as a country, but also to heighten our awareness that every day should be a day of remembrance of these and all other casualties of war. These fallen soldiers are heroes to all Canadians. To the families of the fallen we will never forget the ultimate sacrifice that these soldiers have made, nor the loss that you endure, today and forever more.

CKWS video – RMC SILENT WALK:Officer-Cadets at Kingston’s Royal Military College found a special way to honour Canadian soldiers who have lost their lives on the battlefield.

Kingston Whig Standard article – 152 reasons


The Commandant and CCWO spent an hour with Otter Squadron on Wednesday morning. This provided an excellent opportunity for the group to discuss the UTPNCM program at RMCC, and current challenges and achievements. As one member of Otter Squadron noted, the program has evolved a great deal over the past years in recognition of the unique demands faced by the UTPNCM students. RMCC is fortunate to have such a great group of professionals in Otter Squadron, all focussed on preparing for the next stage of their careers while also providing tremendous experience and mentoring to the ROTP/RETP cadets.


Presentation to 1st Yr Politics Students

We are aware of a presentation to the I Year Politics Students ( our e-Veritas photographer was on hand to take a few photos.  No other details are available at press time but we are expecting more photos and an article soon.


3rd Canadian Rangers Group visit the RMC ALOY Students

On Wed morning (10 Nov), the Commandant and CCWO joined the ALOY leadership and cadets in hosting guests from 3rd Canadian Ranger Patrol Group. Following breakfast at the Cadet Dining Hall, these young ( 13 – 15 Yrs ) Rangers had the opportunity to hear more about the ALOY program while visiting the College.

The ALOY program continues to grow and mature at RMCC with 20 ALOY cadets taking part in this year’s program. It was a special treat to see and hear the ALOY students perform, including drumming and dancing, at the recent C Division Mess Dinner.


On Friday (12 Nov) , the College was pleased to host Hon Capt(N) Sonya Bata and members of the regional Canadian Forces Liaison Council Board. The Commandant and CCWO, along with other local CF leaders and reservists ( including 4th year RETP cadets ), had the pleasure of joining the group for lunch in the Commandant’s Conference room. This provided an excellent opportunity to discuss reserve programs at RMCC and future opportunities to enhance RMCC’s support to Reservists across the CF.


The Commandant, CCWO and Principal joined the Dean of Engineering , Dr. Philip Bates for a visit to the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department on Friday afternoon (12 Nov). Under the leadership of the Department Head, Dr. Derrick  Bouchard , the ECE department continues to evolve and is conducting impressive work in a broad range of areas including robotics and cyber.

After a comprehensive brief from the Dr. Bouchard, the visitors had a chance to hear about some of the impressive research being done by the PG students and then toured the academic spaces and labs in the temporary Academic Building.

The visit concluded with a coffee session with the faculty which provided an outstanding forum for dialogue. Well done to Dr. Bouchard and the entire ECE department for their ongoing great work!

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