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Pipes and Drums Receive New Banner

Brucey the Bronze Cadet witnessed a short ceremony after the Remembrance Day services at RMC on 11 November 2010. A Pipe Banner was presented to the RMC Pipes and Drums by 6137 LCol (retd) Wyn van der Schee, Class of 1964. The Banner is a two-sided, swallow-tailed flag with the RMC badge on the obverse side and the CMR de St-Jean badge and the donor’s college number on the reverse, representing the two Colleges attended by the donor. Both badges are embroidered in gold and silver wire and the appropriate coloured threads, and the Banner itself is fringed along the outer edges with gold wire. It is attached to the bass drone of the bagpipes.

Pipe Banners incorporate a variety of heraldic devices, depending on the unit or band that carries them. Most regimental pipe bands carry the badge of their regiment on the obverse side, with a background in the regimental facing colour. The design on the reverse can be anything from a commanding officer’s personal coat of arms to a unit’s battle honours to the coat of arms of a city in which they are resident. In this instance, the donor has chosen to include the colour of the RMC squadron to which he belonged, No. 2, as the background for the RMC badge, while the light blue background of the CMR badge represents his squadron at CMR, Maisonneuve.

The two Pipe Banners already held by the RMC Pipes and Drums were both presented by former commandants. One has the donor’s initials on the reverse and the RMC badge on the obverse, while the other has the RMC badge on the obverse and the presenter’s Corps badge on the reverse. In addition the Band holds a banner inherited from the now-closed Canadian Services College Royal Roads.

Pipe banners are intended for use on special ceremonial occasions, and they are considered to be important for their historical value and their association with authoritative establishments. Some regiments even keep their pipe banners in their officers’ messes alongside their colours when the banners are not in use. However, unlike colours, they are not consecrated.

LCol van der Schee told e Veritas that he does not have any Scottish ancestry, as evidenced by his surname, nor did he ever serve in a Scottish regiment. He is, however, stirred by the sound of the pipes, and feels they are a quintessential part of Canadian military history, and Canadian culture in general. He stated that he saw a need that he as an ex-Cadet could fulfill, adding that he hoped he could inspire other ex-Cadets to consider making similar donations. More Pipe Banners are needed.

Photos by: 24769 Francis Themens


Defence Minister Peter MacKay, right, at a Remembrance Day gala (True Patriot Love Foundation | 2010 TPL Dinner) in Toronto with Chief of the Defence Staff Walter Natynczyk, left, and cadet Max Reinthaler.

Photo by: Darren Calabrese

On Wed evening ( 10 Nov), the Commandant and ‘College Mom’, joined by the CCWO/Mrs ”CCWO” and several cadets, represented RMCC at the True Patriot Love gala in Toronto. In its second year, this wonderful event is focused on raising money for the Military Families Fund.

Amongst the 1800 who sat for dinner were leaders/entertainers and supporters from all sectors of Canada including RMCC BOG members, Mr Blake Goldring and Mr Erin O’Toole. RMCC cadets had the terrific opportunity to interact and enjoy a tremendous evening while also experiencing the great support of Canadians for their Canadian Forces and military families.

As noted by the wonderful picture on the front page of the Globe and Mail (above), the Cadets enjoyed this event immensely and look forward to returning again next year, hopefully with the RMCC Colour Party and Band/Choir/Dancers.

We hope to have an article & photos next week on the RMC involvement from the perspective of the cadets who attended.


RMC Debate Club Activities

Hart House Invitational Tournament at University of Toronto

The RMC Debate team participated in the Hart House Invitational tournament at the University of Toronto on the weekend of Oct 15-17. Against a field of opponents, including many of the teams that will be representing Canada at the Worlds tournament in December as well as teams from Yale, Stanford, and Cornell. The team of NCdt David Reid, 25243 and OCdt Nevin Hotson, 25192 placed seventh out of eighty teams in the tournament and advanced to the semifinals. They were also tied for the eleventh rank in the individual speaker scores.

III Nevin Hotson, 25192

Chancellor’s Cup Tournament at Queen’s University

This past weekend (Nov 5-7) the RMC Debate team competed at the prestigious and highly competitive Chancellor’s Cup tournament, hosted by Queen’s University. The College was represented by two teams consisting of NCdt David Reid, 25243 and OCdt Nevin Hotson, 25192 and of NCdt Jacqueline Ghanam, 25458 and OCdt Saad Sultan, 25954. Of the over fifty teams from across Ontario and Quebec OCdt Hotson and NCdt Reid placed 14th, while NCdt Ghanam and OCdt Sultan, participating in his first tournament for RMC, placed 43rd. NCdt Reid was also the eleventh placed speaker at the tournament, and OCdt Hotson was ranked 23 in a field of over a hundred of central Canada’s best debaters. NCdt Ghanam ranked 77th and OCdt Sultan, a novice, was ranked 88th. For a speech given in the second of five rounds, NCdt Reid was also scored as having one of the top four individual speeches of the tournament. OCdt Cassandra Harpe, 25767, also attending her first tournament for RMC, was a judge on a number of panels in different rounds. The RMC team placed very well overall, and is already building on the experience in preparation for future tournaments throughout the year.

III David Reid, 25243

Father Roger Guindon Cup Tournament at Ottawa University

At the time of this press release, members of the RMC Debate Club are currently participating in the Father Roger Guindon Cup Tournament, put on by Ottawa University. We wish the best of luck to those OCdts at the tournament as well as to RMC Debating for continued success.

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