OCdts. On Parade

On Monday (15 Nov), the Commandant, CCWO and Principal spent some time with Dr. Gordon Simons (photo left) and the team in the Math and Computer Science Department. Once again, the visit provided a great opportunity for the visitors to be updated on the terrific work being done in the Department and to discuss some of concerns and successes of the Faculty.



RMC Swimmers Impressive in Etobicoke!

Placing 4th out of 18 teams, in RMC’s first appearance as a swim club, the competition was blown out of the water. It was an early morning for the club, leaving Kingston at 0530hr on Sunday to travel to Etobicoke and attend the 2010 EOMAC Invitational Swim meet, but the long drive and quick warm-up did nothing to dampen the club’s spirits.

Leading off their age categories with first place finishes were I Nicholas Lightbody and IV Serena Palmer. Notable swims from first time competitors include: I Peter Hucal, I Iain Wilson, and II Olivier Bonvouloir.

As well as competing in their individual events, strong participants of the relay teams include, but are not limited to: II Shona Couturier, II Chris Bouwman, IV Sam Mercier, IV Andrea Fortier, Jessica Campbell (PSP), Genevieve Charette, and Megan Cromarty.

Special mention to: III Andy Schabetsberger , IV Aaron Bradley, and  Trevor Davies who proved that despite their advanced age, the pool is a level playing field. The secret to their success: “Outliving the competition”.



RMC Debate Club Activities

Father Roger Guindon Cup Tournament at Ottawa University

The weekend (13 & 14 Nov)  the RMC Debate team competed at the University of Ottawa’s Father Roger Guindon Cup. Three teams of debaters (25243 NCdt David Reid and 25066 OCdt James Brown, 25192 OCdt Nevin Hotson and 25506 OCdt Ryan McNeil, and 25458 NCdt Jacqueline Ghanam and 25767 OCdt Cassandra Harpe) represented RMC, while 25954 OCdt Saad Sultan served on judging panels. The team’s primary focus was on giving novice debaters some tournament experience rather than on placement. Out of fifty-two teams from Ontario and Quebec, the team of NCdt Reid and OCdt Brown placed twenty-sixth, and OCdts Hotson and McNeil placed thirty-ninth. Out of over one hundred speakers at the tournament, NCdt Reid placed sixth in the individual standings, and OCdt Hotson placed thirty-fifth, while OCdts Brown and McNeil both scored better than would be assumed based on their previous experience. With this tournament closing out our season for this semester, we look forward to preparing for further competition in the new year.

III Nevin Hotson, 25192


CDS Visits the college

Photos by 24769 Ocdt  Francis Themens

On Wed the College was privileged to receive a visit from the CDS and CFCWO. After an enjoyable breakfast with the cadets, the CDS spent time in a ‘fireside chat’ with the Fourth year class. The feedback from the class was exceptionally positive and the College looks forward to seeing the CDS and his team back again soon.


Caption: Principal, Dr Joel Sokolski hosts Forum dinner at SSM.

Senator Pamela Wallin was the guest speaker at a dinner hosted by RMCC at the Senior Staff Mess, (Wed 17 Nov)) to help launch a meeting to discuss establishment of a sustainable and national academic research program in Canada for military and veteran health. The meeting brought together representatives from universities across Canada.

Senator backs research institute


College Top Brass visits French Department

On Thurs (18 Nov), the Commandant, CCWO and Principal continued their departmental visits with a stop at the French Department. Under the leadership of Dr. Boucher, the French department is doing very well, is full of energy and remains focussed on providing the very best education to the Cadets.


On Friday morning, the Commandant and CCWO had their regular monthly meeting with the BComd and BCWO. These regular sessions provide a great opportunity for RMC and the Base leadership to discuss issues of mutual interest and to ensure that both organizations continue to provide the best services to the Cadets and the College programs. The College is deeply appreciative of the tremendous support received from the base.


RMC Intramural Program

By: 25219 OCdt Michael Brown CSSO9

Intramurals at the Royal Military College are now well underway with the season coming close to an end. Each of the sports offered this fall have been running smoothly with the choices of soccer, ultimate Frisbee, water polo, ball hockey, ice hockey and Sandhurst.

The newest edition to the intramural program as of last year is the Sandhurst intramural which has seen much success this semester. The fall Sandhurst IM’s gives many cadets the opportunity to further their physical performance in attempts to try out for the prestigious team in the upcoming winter semester. The Sandhurst Intramural is divided into 4 divisions with each division consisting of 12 people per team. Tuesday 16 November was their first skills competition in preparation for the  final physical competition Thursday’s (Nov 18). The final competition represents the actual Sandhurst obstacle course to give cadets a taste of what it is actually like. On Tuesday 16 November, B division had an outstanding performance so it will be interesting to see how they perform on Thursday. This opportunity for cadets is a great addition to the new IM roster as they get more and more people interested each year!

In regards to the other IMs, the Ball hockey teams have shown lots of enthusiasm for the college. 9 and 3 Squadron will be showing down to end the season this Thursday (Nov 18) with 9 Squadron’s undefeated record of 12-0, and 3 squadrons strong season with only 1 loss. The final match between the two should be a good one to watch. Both teams show an excellent anticipation to see the finals this semester in the upcoming playoffs and it will be exciting to see who comes out on top. For the more serious of hockey players and the night dwellers of RMC, playing ice hockey late in the evenings at the Constantine Arena allow for cadets to get some ice time. The sport, divided up into 4 divisions, has shown great competition between the cadet wing in both tier A and B levels. In Tier A, C div has shown a strong performance with high hopes of going into the playoffs. A Div in Tier B is also hoping for a spot in the playoffs. For the brave who suffer the cold wet evenings, Ultimate Frisbee and Soccer have allowed cadets to bundle up the layers and fight hard for the playoff positions under the field flood lights regardless of the weather. Waterpolo has also been going strong with tough competition amongst the squadrons. Thanks to the RMC Waterpolo club, we have had top notch refs during waterpolo IM’s this season, making it a very competitive league.

All in all, this semesters IM season has allowed cadets to once again get active and continue to show their squadron pride as they represent their colors through the competition of IMs. As the season is closing off, each squadron has shown a great amount of enthusiasm towards their sports regardless of their wins or loses. With playoffs coming up, a few anticipated games will prove worthy to watch so come on out and cheer on the cadet wing as they close of the season!


Christmas Concert

Friday evening, the musicians and singers of RMC got the College into the Xmas spirit with the annual Christmas concert. The great talent of the College provided a wonderful evening of music to a ‘packed house’ in the Cadet Mess with all proceeds ( $950.00 ) going to the United Way. The College was thrilled to receive a visit from Santa and to host some special guests including V.Reverand Mary Irwin Gibson from St.George’s Cathedral. Well done to all the organizers and the Band/Choir for a fantastic evening.


On Saturday, the Xmas activities continued with the Cadet Xmas Ball. Prior to the Ball, many members of the College leadership team gathered at the Commandant’s residence for a pre-reception. Following this, the crowd gathered at the field house for an amazing dinner and dancing.

On que, the Commandant was out the door at 2259….so that the DJ could play ‘the song’ for the cadets as the party sped up for the evening. Well done to all of the organizers of the Ball for the great work and wonderful evening. Good luck to all of the cadets as the semester winds done and final exams commence.

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