OCdts. On Parade

An Interview With One of The Top 4 Cadets – Fall 2009

Article & photos by 25275 OCdt Julia Anderson


(From Left): Cadet Wing Training Officer 24561 Marc-Andre F.Pelland, Cadet Wing Commander 24410 Nicholas Bouchard, Deputy Cadet Wing Commander 24649 Kayla MacMillan, Cadet Wing Administration Officer 24924 Maxime Bernier-Brideau.


bouchardeVeritas – What did you do this summer?

Cadet Wing Commander 24410 Nicholas Bouchard – I was lucky enough to be ahead of my training, so I completed the modified Phase 3 combat engineer course in Gagetown and then travelled out west with the CWTO (F.Pelland) to the Rocky Mountain National Army Cadet Summer Training Centre in Cochrane, AB. The summer camp offers 16-18 year old cadets the opportunity to do 6 outdoor expeditions such as glacier travel, rock climbing and canoeing, just to name a few. Marc and I escorted the groups on the expeditions and worked night security on camp. All in all, it was a pretty active summer.

eVeritas – What are your goals for FYOP?

Bouchard – It’s a very interesting question since the goal is obvious yet the way we get there defines us. In the end, the ultimate goal of FYOP is to give the first years the tools to succeed in the high energy environment of RMC. However, the FYOP staff have been entrusted with a much greater role: that of mentoring and developing the first years to become a disciplined and cohesive body. This will be achieved while treating every individual with respect and dignity and giving them lots of valuable training. The FYOP staff is doing an excellent job thus far, and I trust every single one of them will reach the goal.

eVeritas – What would like to see done the same this year, and what would you like to see done differently?

Bouchard – The College seems to follow a cyclic way of doing things. That is, it goes from a more military focused institution to what seems to be a civilian university and back, the process is never ending. However, the learning experience is all the same. That being said, this year we are implementing more military activities such as a training weekend, foreign weapons familiarization and first aid training. Certain traditions are also being brought back, such as circles. This is being done with the intent of demonstrating the pride we take from being the only military college in Canada alongside CMR. But we can’t say everything just yet; timing is crucial and there is still much planning to be done!

eVeritas – How do you think the arrival of the CMR cadets will affect the wing?

Bouchard – There’s another interesting question. A day before they arrived I wouldn’t have known how to answer. However, I must say, having done the preparatory year myself, I knew they would show up being very confident with their abilities and ready for anything. Now that they are on the ground I can assure you that they are extremely excited to be here and that they bring valuable experiences and energy to their second year class and to the Wing.


Team RMC Place 3rd in Superwalk for Parkinson’s


Parkinson’s is a progressive neurological disease that affects over 100,000 Canadians. It has touched many lives and will continue to do so without aggressive research and the funds to support it. In order to meet these demanding circumstances, Parkinson’s Society Canada has held an annual nationwide Superwalk for Parkinson’s.

The Kingston chapter of Parkinson’s society held the fundraiser this year at Lake Ontario Park on September 12th. Members of the community from all walks of life participated in the fundraiser including a team from RMC. OCdt Thibedeau, OCdt Boivin, OCdt Pelletier and OCdt Bortolin entered the fundraiser as team RMC representing the school. Together the team fundraised 935.48$ in just over a week. This was accomplished through the impressive effort by the cadet wing through an inter-squadron fundraising competition. Seven squadron would contribute the most through an inspiring effort that contributed 351.56$ to the overall funds. This would lead to Team RMC placing third overall in the Kingston area for funds contributed to the Parkinson’s Superwalk. Also notable is the contribution made by the RMC Club Toronto Branch through Peter Fosbery showing the support of RMC transcending generations. The fundraiser would raise 1,220,209$ nationwide bringing us one step closer to a cure for Parkinson’s.

-Ocdt Thibedeau 25133

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