OCdt. Marc Pelletier 25654, CWC – OCdt. Carter Powis 26170, D/CWC

We are honoured to have been selected as the CW

command team for Winter Semester, 2014. Having worked together as FYOP staff in our third year, it is a lot of fun to be able to work together again, albeit on a very different type of team. We count ourselves lucky not only to be representing 9 Squadron together at such a high level, but also to have the opportunity to work with such a great group of cadets.

Our focus this year is on face-to-face leadership. Email makes life at RMC easier in many ways, but it also facilitates leadership by proxy. An essential skill for any leader is the ability to interact with subordinates, and you can’t learn that skill hiding behind your computer! This focus will be reflected through a new morning routine that will see section and flight commanders holding meetings with their subordinates multiple times a week. This will be an important semester, as we work in tandem with the TW to lay the foundation for big changes that will be implemented next year.

It seems as though the closer we get to graduation the faster it approaches – it will be bittersweet to be leaving RMC. On one hand we will be saying goodbye to friends that will be posted all across the country, but on the other we get to begin our careers in “the real world”. Our hope is that before that final march through the arch we leave the College a little better, a little greater, and a little more beautiful than we discovered it.


Aspm Tristan Lapointe 25861, INSTRA/CWTO

Après avoir passé presque cinq années au sein des CMR, je peux encore me souvenir comme jeune “Prep” au CMRSJ que je voulais un jour être INSTRA et un jour pouvoir faire une différence au collège. Être membre de l’équipe des Top 5 est tout simplement un rêve devenu réalité. Je désir quitter le CMRC avec le plus de connaissances possible qui m’aideront dans mon métier des opérations maritimes comme officier de la Marine royale du Canada. Mon objectif principal cette session sera de faciliter la communication à tous les niveaux, tout en augmentant le niveau de discipline de l’Escadre.


OCdt. Ian Gutz 25858, CWOpsO

I am honoured to have been selected to be the Cadet Wing Operations officer of my graduating class. As my final bar position, I aim to help the college run a little smoother which, as most cadets will agree, is not always the case. I am also really looking forward to helping the other members of the Cadet Chain of Authority successfully complete their bar positions and to share our differing experiences to make it down the final stretch of our college careers. Hopefully we all make it through the other side of The Arch with some lessons learned and smiles on our faces. Give me a beer!

“Train hard. Fight easy.”


OCdt Bouffard 25874, CWAdO

As my journey at RMC near the ends it is an honour to serve as the CWAdO alongside my fellow colleagues of the Top 5 for the winter semester of 2014. All along this semester my goal with my team will be to improve and implement directives with regards to administration that will benefit the entire Cadet Wing and reduce the level of frustration which has been noticed in the past. Although this bar position came as a surprise I am looking forward to the challenges ahead and the learning experience that this opportunity will create. I am fully confident that the entire 2014 barslate will rise to the occasion and deliver great results! Stay classy RMC!! 126 DTG!!

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