From 1995 to 2005, how many francophone cadets completed their prep year in Saint-Jean?a) 588
b) 688
c) 886
d) 760

Answer 688

Match the name of the educational institution with the correct date.

1940 1942 1946 1947 1968 1996

Royal Canadian Naval College
HMCS Royal Roads
Canadian Services College Royal Roads.
Royal Roads Military College (RRMC).
Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Air Force College
Royal Roads University
a) 1940 HMCS Royal Roads
b) 1942 Royal Canadian Naval College
c) 1946 Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Air Force College
d) 1947 Canadian Services College Royal Roads.
e) 1968 Royal Roads Military College (RRMC).
f) 1996 Royal Roads University

Backgrounder – The History of Royal Roads as an Educational Institute
• 1940 – By the outbreak of the Second World War, the private estate James and Laura Dunsmuir had named “Hatley Park” was put up for auction. The Dominion of Canada bought it for a mere $75,000, with the undertaking that it would always be used as an educational establishment. The government needed to train junior naval officers in as little as 90 days and the estate was commissioned as HMCS Royal Roads, giving the training institution the unique distinction of being classed a ship.

• 1942 – The junior officer shortage had been resolved and the federal government decided to convert HMCS Royal Roads to the traditional military college system. It was re-named the Royal Canadian Naval College with a mandate to train both marine and naval officers.

• 1946 – The Royal Canadian Air Force teamed up with the Navy in a joint college, called the Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Air Force College, offering the first two years of university-level programs.

• 1947 – The college became a tri-service institution for army, navy and air force, called Canadian Services College Royal Roads.

• 1968 – The college’s name was changed once again to Royal Roads Military College (RRMC).

• 1975 – RRMC became a degree-granting institution, offering a four-year university program.

• 1994 – The federal government announced the decision to close Royal Roads Military College.

• May, 1995 – RRMC graduated its final class of officer-cadets.

• June 21, 1995 – The passage of the Royal Roads University Act in the B.C. legislature.

• July, 1996 – Royal Roads University began offering its own degree programs as an innovative 21st century university in a traditional 19th century setting.

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