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I am not sure how to start this but I will give it my best shot. For those of you who have followed E Veritas for the last year or so you will of noticed that I have been contributing off and on (more off than on as of late). I would like to announce that this will be my last official posting on E Veritas. As of next semester I will be taking time to focus on school and the sprint towards graduation.

Writing for E Veritas has been an excellent opportunity for me as a cadet. It has allowed me to get to know more about the Ex Cadet community and the RMC community as a whole. In the course of writing about RMC events, I have received some excellent feedback which has helped my self improvement as an officer. If any of you wish to contact me I can be reached at s24359@rmc.ca. Until then good night and good luck!

24359 Stephen Paish


How the Interest Only Students Help the Varsity Sports program

Here is a link for a great photo of RMC student Tio Raharjo, who just
won two medals for RMC, at the Senior Canadian Championships in Calgary.
Tio is sporting his RMC Fencing jacket which clearly shows the college
crest! Great PR for RMC.

Mr Raharjo is here at RMC as an Interest Only (IO) student, due to a delay in his 08 application file, and he has since completed and resubmitted his ROTP application to the Kingston Recruiting Centre.

Besides being a top Canadian athlete with international experience, Tio is tri-lingual, coaches at RMC’s Cutting Edge Program and achieves top grades academically. He has also been invited to join the National Fencing Team High Performance Program (HPP). The last RMC fencers to achieve this were Capt Marilyne Lafortune 23022 and Lt Natalie Jones 23705 in 2004-05.
RMC Fencing is pleased to have recruit candidates of his calibre who are interested in attending RMC in the future.

Mr Raharjo hopes to receive an ROTP offer to RMC for the fall of 2009 to pursue a science degree. Great job Tio!!!

Patricia Howes
Head Fencing Coach


It (CF Sports Award Ceremony) was indeed another great evening. The host venue was the Canadian War Museum, which I believe is the first time for it to be held there. Very appropriate for such a military event. It was too bad that poor weather had forced some of the East Coast attendees to miss the evg. The overall CF winers (as the RMC Fencing Team) are not announced until the end of the evg, having been previously selected from all the Environmental winners. I was very pleased to have been selected as the Canadian Forces 2007 Male Athlete of the Year. Although I have been the various Env winner several times I had never received the overall award until this past Sat. FYI.

11338 Maj BB Barteaux (RMC ’78)

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