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I heard this great story from another ex-cadet and I’m trying to research its authenticity and find out more details so that I can write the story for the record.
It appears that around 1950 a group of RMC cadets in a fit of enthusiasm, perhaps bolstered by a bit of liquor, decided to remedy the Canadian( British) defeats at the first and second battles of Sacket’s Harbor during the war of 1812. They apparently broke into the RMC boathouse on the River, commandeered the launch and proceeded in full dress uniform complete with rifles (minus bolts and ammo) and proceeded to Sacket’s Harbor where they stormed the beach, lowered Old Glory and hoisted the Canadian ensign in its place. A good prank which apparently caught the attention of the press and them some dignitaries who were not amused and arranged for the cadets to be charged with numerous offences including, mutiny, piracy, treason and invading a friendly country under force of arms etc. All punishable by death! While not put to death, they were given a long period of fullpack punishment drill.
I would like to detail this incident since it makes for a great story. Can you help me locate any references, reports, dispositions and names available at RMC concerning this event? Maybe you could publish this synopsis in e-veritas and/or Veritas and ask for any input from anyone who knows about the incident. Particularly someone who was actually involved. If you can, ask them to contact me by email at ta_aroa@hotmail.com.


4031 Mike Holt (CMR ‘53)

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