OCdts. On Parade

Hi Bill: As you probably know, I am presently in Kandahar and I will be here until mid-Nov. My wife tells me that you email everitas to our home (as you have always done). While I am here, could you sent it to the above address instead?

All is well with me here although it is starting to be quite warm (55 degree C around noon) and we are quite busy. Managing my little gang of 289 people in this environment is a challenge at time. But this is why I came here and I am enjoying the work.

Take care,

7897 Gilles Langlois (CMR RMC 1969)

CANCAP Deployed Project Manager

SNC-Lavalin PAE Inc.


Greetings from Kandahar,

Enjoyed reading your latest issue as a means of occupying my evenings. Not much for social life here. Always enjoy seeing news relating to RMC.

13139 Mitch MacLeod (RMC 1981)

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