Please note an error in the third Para of Captain Annie Djiotsa’s article about Ex-Cadet Weekend, as included in your issue 21. Please bring this error to her attention, as everyone in the College, and the Club, should be aware of the eligibility requirements for membership in the Old Brigade.Members of the Old Brigade are those who ENTERED one of the Canadian military colleges 50 years (or more) ago. Membership is NOT restricted just to those who GRADUATE from one of the Canadian military colleges.

The RMC Club is possibly the only alumni association of Canadian post-secondary educational institutions to honour (through its Old Brigade) ALL alumni of the College(s).

Yours aye, Ron

3506 Ronald G. Capern
Class (RR ’54 & RMC ’56) Secretary


Thank you very much for putting together e-Veritas. I always look forward to reading it. I just wanted to let you know that not only two, but three, of our current students competed in the 2007 2CMBG Ironman. Simon Farrell, a reservist and first-year student, also competed and achieved a record for the youngest competitor to complete the Ironman.Cheers,
Laura Robinson, PhD
Associate Professor/ Professeure agrégée
Department of English/ Département d’anglais
Royal Military College/ Collège militaire royal du Canada
PO Box 17,000 Stn Forces/ CP 17000, Succursale Forces
Kingston ON K7K 7B4
613-541-6000 ext/poste 6253

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