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First Picture: (from L to R) Dr. Marc Arsenault, Lt(N) Trevor Davies, Andrew McLellan, LCol Billy Allan (and his son), Dept Head Dr. Benabdallah, Dr. Marc LaViolette, Capt Mike Strawson, Capt Clayton Kotzer, and Capt Romain Cyr

Second Picture: (from L to R) 24394 Jamie Wilson, Dept Head Dr. Habib Benabdallah and his 7 year old son Evan, 23850 Ellery Burton, Capt Mike Strawson (RMC ’99)

Third Picture: Fourth year Mech Eng team.

Some teams will resort to anything to retain the cup!!

j_fudge.jpgby: 24225 Josh Fudge – IV

A long standing tradition for RMC’s Mechanical Engineering department continued on 3 April at the Constantine Arena. The date had been circled in day planners throughout the department for most of the year. Three teams squared off for the right to call the newly designed and built Cordite Cup their own (built and designed by 24003 Dudeck, graciously funded by the Cordite Foundation). The three teams were: a III year Mech Eng (and the new Aero program as well) student team, a strong and confident IV year Mech Eng student team, and last but not least a staff team consisting of instructors, professors and graduate Mech Eng students alike (and a few invited “ringers” to round out the roster).

.The tournament used a round robin format and the team with best record at the end took home the cup. With one week of classes left, the staff team wasted no time giving the III year team yet another lesson in game one of the round robin action. A surprise addition to the staff team was RMC Commandant BGen Tom Lawson who helped the staff team edge past the III year team 3-2.

.While the staff team took a well deserved break from the action, the III and IV teams butted heads in a tight-scoring game two. The III year squad managed to grab the lead early, only to see it squandered with less than three minutes left to play. Despite losing both of their contests, the III year team played very well and deserved better results than they received. They will certainly see more success in next year’s match-ups because of their experience gained in this year’s tournament.

The III year team hit the showers while their elders met in a winner-take all final game of the tournament. The on-ice intensity was evident in the game’s first period, despite the lack of scoring. The game went into the last period all tied-up at 1-1. The staff team really put the pressure on in the final frame, circling the graduating class’ net with some occasional interference on the IV year’s less than average goaltender. It was the IV year team that caught the attention of the ref, however, granting the staff team several penalty shots on which they were mostly successful. The Cordite Cup winning goal came off Captain Mike Strawson’s (RMC ’99) stick from a great behind the net pass in the final period. The IV year team put up a great effort, but they failed to solve the faculty’s defense for a second straight year, falling 4-2 in the final game.

All three teams met up after at the Cadet Mess where the staff team celebrated their fourth straight victory. The event was once again very successful this year, with great participation from all levels within the department. It marks the end of the school year and was a great way to finish off the Mech Eng department’s year of social activities (there is also a Mech Eng Soccer game and a Car Rally in the fall and a mess dinner after Christmas). Thanks to all those that participated, and a special thanks to IV 23850 Burton, III 24394 Wilson and Capt Strawson for organizing a great event.



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