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Director of Cadets LCol Anthony “Tony” O’Keeffe will be away from the college for a couple of weeks. He is competing in the 2008 Ultraman World Championships on November 28, 29 & 30.

The three day, 320-mile (515-kilometer) individual ultra-endurance event which takes place on the Big Island of Hawaii. Entry is limited to 35 participants and is by invitation only. It consists of Swim (6.2 miles); Bike (261.4 miles); and Run (52.4 miles).

Founded in 1983, the event is held annually on the traditional American Thanksgiving weekend.

Lieutenant-Colonel O’Keeffe is a member of the CF Sports Hall of Fame – being inducted in 2005. He is a World Class Athlete and no stranger to this type of event. He has a long history of success at numerous Iron Man Competitions; Extreme Sports Competitor such as Race Across America and many Ultraman Triathlon Events on the world stage.

We join the entire RMC community in wishing him well at this year’s event.


8251 LCol (Ret’d) Wayne S Crowe (CMR RMC 1970) is Executive Director for UVS Canada. In this role, Mr Crowe is responsible for the day-to-day  management of UVS Canada and leads the continued operation and growth of the organization as the focal point in Canada for the rapidly growing Unmanned Vehicle Systems technologies and their applications.

Born in Belleville, Ontario, Mr. Crowe joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1965 attending College Militaire Royal and Royal Military College, graduating with a Degree in Engineering as an aircraft maintenance engineer. Mr. Crowe gained experience in many aspects of aircraft engineering, maintenance and logistics support and management in a military career spanning 27 years. His management responsibilities included, at various times, aircraft maintenance, aircraft fleet management, aircraft maintenance policy development, contracts management and program management.

Retiring from the Canadian Air Force in 1992, Mr. Crowe joined Bombardier as the Program Manager for the CF-18 System Engineering Support program for four years. Moving to Business Development in 1997, he was instrumental in establishing the Bombardier Defence Services Division Business Development Office in Ottawa and, following the sale of the Bombardier Military Aviation
Services Group to L- 3 Communications in 2003, was a founding member of the L-3 presence in Ottawa.

As Director of Marketing and Business Development for L-3 Communications MAS (Canada), Mr. Crowe was responsible for development of business opportunities in Canada and expansion into Europe, establishing strategic teaming arrangements and maintaining close relations with government and industry representatives. In February 2008, after forty-three years of service in the aerospace environment, first in the Canadian Air Force and, for the past 16 years, in senior management positions in the Canadian Aerospace and Defence Industry, Mr Crowe retired from L-3 Communications.

Source: http://www.uvscanada.org/media.php?mid=753


12007 Bill Samulack (CMR ’81) has been president of Kotick Consulting Inc in Kanata since 1998. Kotick Consulting is a management consulting company specializing in: Software Project Management Techniques, Software Process Improvement, Technology Change Management and Business Process Engineering since 1998. He worked in a variety of engineering positions at Canadian Marconi Company from 1988-1998. He worked at Spar Aerospace Ltd. 1984 – 1988 and Leigh Instruments Ltd. 1982 – 1984. Before leaving the military in 1982, he worked as a Design Agent for the Life Cycle Materiel Manager in NDHQ, managed installation and test projects for the Naval Engineering Unit Atlantic, Combat Systems Engineering Office from 1978 – 1982. He earned a B.Sc. in Physics and Mathematics, College Militaire Royal de St. Jean and a M.Sc., Information Systems, Carleton University, Computer Systems Engineering in 1987. His thesis topic was “The Logical Design of an Engineering Project Management Support

Source: http://www.kotickconsulting.com/


13684 Major (ret`d) Marc Roy (RMC ’82) was appointed the Explosives Portfolio Manager under the Chemical, biological, radiological-nuclear, and explosives Research Technology Initiative (CRTI) at the Centre for Security Services, Defence R&D Canada (CSS) in spring 2007.

He is the current Secretary of UVS Canada since June 2007. Marc Graduated from the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario in 1982 with a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering and worked as a project engineer from 1983 to 1989 in both Defence R&D Canada in Valcartier and at the National Defence HQ in Ottawa.

In 1989 he did his Masters Degree in Aeronautical Engineering at the Air Force Institute of Technology in Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio. He also worked at the Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment as Armament System Engineer, at 14 AMS in Greenwood, Nova Scotia as Deputy Commanding Officer, and as a liaison Officer with the US Navy at Patuxent River Naval Air Station in Maryland.

In 2002, he retired from the Canadian Forces as a Major and from 2002 to 2007 took on the position of Manned and Unmanned Air Vehicle Systems in the Directorate of Science and Technology Air at Defence R&D Canada.

Source: http://www.uvscanada.org/media.php?mid=753


13755 Captain(N) (ret`d) Darren William Knight (RRMC RMC ’82) joined the Canadian Forces in 1978 under the Regular Officer Training Plan, attending first Royal Roads Military College in Victoria, and then the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston. He graduated in 1982 with an Honours BA in Strategic Studies. Upon graduation, he took his commission as a naval officer.

Captain(N) Knight earned his bridge watchkeeping qualification aboard Canadian warships in 1984, at which time he was also accepted into the Canadian Forces Intelligence Branch.

Since 1985, he has served in numerous operational and joint staff headquarters positions, both in Canada and overseas. During the 1991 Persian Gulf War, Captain(N) Knight served as the Joint Staff Intelligence Officer (J2) at Headquarters, Canadian Forces Middle East, and was awarded the Chief of Defence Staff Commendation for his work. He graduated from the Canadian Forces Command and Staff College in 1993, and then served as the Senior Staff Officer Intelligence at Headquarters, Maritime Forces Atlantic, in Halifax.

Upon promotion to the rank of Commander in 1994, he also assumed the duties of Deputy Chief of Staff Intelligence for the Canadian Navy.

In 1998, he was appointed Commanding Officer of the newly established Joint Ocean Surveillance and Information Centre, known as “TRINITY”. From 1999-’01, Captain(N) Knight served as Canadian Forces Intelligence Liaison Officer in Washington DC. In 2001, he assumed the duties of J2 Plans & Policy at National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa.

From 2002-2005, he was theDirector of Joint Force Capabilities, and in this capacity was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal for his contribution to the development of military Command & Control systems. Building on his force development experience, he then completed a one-year tour of duty as Director of the National Defence Command Centre. Upon completion of advanced second language training in December 2006, Captain(N) Knight was appointed Director General Intelligence Capabilities.

He retired from the Canadian Forces in September 2007, joining Lockheed Martin Canada as C4ISR Advanced Programs Manager.



13942 Major (ret’d) Thomas Saint-Ivany (RMC 1983) Associate Vice-President, Facilities Management – Brock University joined Brock on June 8, 2005 as Executive Director, Facilities Management. Facilities Management provides Maintenance & Operations Services, Custodial Services, and Campus Planning, Design & Construction Services to the University.

He was appointed Associate Vice-President, Facilities Management on October 1, 2008.

A graduate of the Royal Military College of Canada (Class of 1983), Saint-Ivany’s first posting was to 2 Combat Engineer Regiment in Petawawa, Ont. This regimental tour included UN peace support operations in Cyprus as the Canadian Contingent Engineer. His posting to Chilliwack, B.C., in 1988 included command of 11 Field Engineer Squadron with 1 Combat Engineer Regiment. In 1992 he was deployed to the former Yugoslavia and served as the Sector North Engineer in a multinational UN headquarters, planning and co-ordinating the engineering support to troops from Poland, Denmark, Nigeria, Finland, and Canada. For his efforts, Saint-Ivany was awarded the Chief of Defence Staff Commendation, a national military award.

In 1994, he commanded the Base Construction Engineering Squadron at Canadian Forces Base Calgary and implemented the decommissioning of the base. Posted to Toronto in 1997, he first served as the Army’s infrastructure co-ordinator for Ontario, followed by an appointment as the Chief Operations Officer at the Canadian Forces College. Upon retirement from the Canadian Forces in 2000, he accepted the position of Controller of Plant Services at the Niagara Catholic District School Board, followed by an appointment as Superintendent of Facility Services with the Simcoe County District School Board, a vice-president equivalency with one of Ontario’s largest school boards, overseeing operations, maintenance, construction, student transportation services, health and safety, property and planning services, and central services.

In 2005, he returned to Niagara and Brock University. Tom is a registered Professional Engineer in Ontario and Alberta. Additionally, he is a graduate of the Canadian Land Forces Command and Staff College, the Canadian Forces Command & Staff College, and the University of Manitoba’s Senior University Administrators Course. He has volunteered in leadership roles with community, school, and hospital groups in both Alberta and Ontario. Tom is married to Marie (nee Dee) and they have two sons.

Source: http://www.brocku.ca/administration/bios/saint-ivany.php


15569 Major (ret`d) Paul A Romano (RMC ’87) is an Account Executive with xwave in Ottawa, Ontario. xwave is one of Canada’s largest information technology firms, with more than 1350 professionals in locations across North America. xwave is ranked 3rd in the top 25 Canadian IT services companies and is one of Canada’s Top 20 Defence companies.

Paul is busy growing the C4ISR business area, where xwave has particular expertise in Electronic Warfare, Information Portals and Shared Data Environments. xwave also provides Simulation and Training solutions to the Aerospace sector, and recently began delivery of the Mission Procedures Trainer (MPT) for the Maritime Helicopter Project.

Before joining xwave, he served as a Signals Officer with the Canadian Army for 24 years. During that time, Paul was the Project Director for the acquisition of the Sperwer UAV. It was during this effort that Paul’s interest in unmanned vehicles first developed. Since then he has been involved in research and development programs with DRDC focused on the use of UAVs and UGVs to support the collection of tactical surveillance and reconnaissance data.

Paul joined the UVS Canada board of directors in 2007. He was named Treasurer of UVS Canada, the focal point for Unmanned Vehicle Systems in Canada, at the Annual General Meeting on 7 November, 2008.

He graduated from the Royal Military College in 1987 with a BEng in Electrical Engineering. He will be graduating from Royal Military College with a Masters in Applied Military Science in May 2009.

Source: http://www.uvscanada.org/media.php?mid=753


17844 Major Richard Goyette (RMC ’91) is an Engineer in the Director Land Command Systems Program Management, Materiel Group at National Defence Head Quarters. He earned a B.Eng from the Royal Military College of Canada and currently serves as the web manager for the RMC class of1991. He has spent considerable time and effort over the past decade doing coursework towards a Masters degree Thesis: “A Development Environment for Experiments in Autonomous Robotics Control.” and a PhD (which is still in the works).

When he taught at the Royal Military College of Canada he wrote the story of Bob, Alice, and Eve – a love triangle gone bad to describe the concepts of public key infrastructure in the hopes that it would keep the audience focussed. He enjoys building robots as a hobby.

Source: http://richardgoyette.com/AcademicMain.html


23926 2Lt Jonathan Bussey born in 1984, Grand Prairie, Alberta moved to Woodstock, Newfoundland when he was four. He graduated from Baie-Verte High School in 2003 with honors, after which he pursued a career as a Signals officer in the Canadian forces. 2Lt Bussey attended the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) in Kingston, Ontario and obtained a Bachelor with honors in the Degree of Electrical Engineering. 2Lt Bussey shined among his graduated pair with the Lightweight Onboard Camera Tracking Unit (his fourth year project’s product), which won at least 4 prices from both Canada and United State student competitions. During his time at the college he became heavily involved with community events as well as the Canadian International Military Sports Taekwondo team. In his final year at the college Jonathan placed second in Canada in his division. He wishes to carry on his success on the team by returning to Kingston and teaching Taekwondo at RMC as well as Queens University in the future. His future plans are to become involved with Networking, Communications and Electronic Warfare projects that will heighten the capabilities of the Canadian Forces. Following this portion of his career, his plans are to return to RMC in order to obtain a Masters in Electrical Engineering and teach for several years.

Source: http://www.uvscanada.org/media.php?mid=753

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