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Passing of the Torch: New Top 4 Cadet Positions Revealed

On Friday, 22nd of November, the new cadet “bar slate” for the Winter 2009 semester was finally revealed.  Having served a semester as the top of the cadet chain of command, the current top 4 cadets (IV Jacklyn Power, IV Yanick Drouin, IV Jean-Francois Horth, IV Gillian Turner) are getting ready to “pass the torch” to their replacements.  While the new bar slate will not take effect until the New Year the current Top 4 are already at work coaching their replacements in order to ensure an orderly and effective change of command.  Reflecting on these past few months, the general consensus within the Cadet Wing is that the Top 4 has done a great job leading the Cadet Wing during a period of transition — the Military Wing having seen a great many new Squadron Commanders and a new Deputy Director of Cadets.  Cadets look forward to the New Year and have great expectations for the coming semester.


RMC Men’s Varsity Fencing Top CF Team

Cadet Wing Commander IV Jacklyn Power had this to say about the RMC  Men’s Fencing Team:

I am extremely proud to inform you that RMC’s Varsity Men’s Fencing team has won “Canadian Forces Team of the Year for 2006-2007” at the CF Sports Awards ceremony this weekend in Ottawa.

It is an incredible honour for a team from RMC to win this award, not only because of the fierce competition, but also the lack of fencing knowledge and popularity nation-wide.

Congratulations to the Men’s Fencing Team and Coaches Patricia and David Howes, you have made RMC incredibly proud.

Well done, and best of luck for the OUA Championships!


Hockey Paladins Stop Off for Pre-Game Meal in Cornwall

Graduated Colts players seem to be everywhere, playing hockey at the university level.
Two of them –Matt Pinder and Landon Lavictoire– are with the Royal Military College Paladins varsity squad.

And on Friday afternoon, they were back in Cornwall, for just a short mid-afternoon lunch visit, to one of Pinder and Lavictoire’s favourite downtown spots, the Misef’s Cafe restaurant.

“I ate here a lot last year, pretty much every day,” Pinder said with a smile.

So the two freshman forwards suggested to the Paladins coaches that Misef’s might be a good place to park the team bus for a meal, on their way to last night’s regular season game in Montreal, against Michael Blundon– another skater on last year’s Royal Bank Cup Colts squad — and the Concordia Stingers.

Pinder and Lavictoire are playing on the same line for the Paladins, and playing a lot for a club that’s seemed to have more than its share of injuries so far.

But being on a short-staffed squad has its advantages.

“It’s a great opportunity for us, being first-year guys, and some nights getting 20-25 minutes (of ice-time),” Lavictoire said.

The Paladins, coached by Adam Shell, have an improving program — they beat Carleton University in Ottawa 4-3 earlier this season when the Ravens were nationally-ranked.

“Coach (Shell) is building up a pretty good team,” Pinder said, although Lavictoire noted “there’ve been a few ruts here and there”.

The Paladins are 4-8 so far, in third place out of four teams in the OUA’s Mid East Division. Pinder, of Calgary, has seven points in 12 games. Lavictoire, of Kirkland Lake — current Colts player i is his younger brother — has three points in seven games.

Pinder and Lavictoire are student athletes, and at RMC, their workload is extensive. (Lavictoire said he was up until 4 a. m. on Thursday night, hitting the books very early on getaway day.)

Both are business majors. Both are in the navy, and they’ll eventually become M. A. R. S. Officers.

The Paladins also had a weekend road game scheduled in Trois- Rivieres, against the perennially strong Patriotes.

By “The Cornwall Standard Freeholder”- staff writer Todd Hambleton

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