OCdts. On Parade

13846 Lieutenant -Colonel Kevin F. Bryski (RMC 1983) was

appointed Commander of the 76 Communication Group. His current position is Commanding Officer, Canadian Operational Support Command Headquarters with additional responsibility in the Decision Support. Lt.-Col. Kevin Bryski served as Chief Of Staff with a US Army Head Quarter in 2009. He is very proud to have served with the US Army, which bodes well for Air Force types! Major Kevin Bryski was Head of Information Systems, at Canadian Forces College. He was awarded a Meritorious Service Medal [NATO] in 2004. He is an avid golfer. He also still plays hockey, despite the onset of “stone-hands syndrome”! He is the Class Secretary, RMC Class of 1983 – the `last class with boxing`.


5675 Dennis Apedaile (CMR RMC 1963) (Left) and 5868  L Gen (ret’d) Scott Clements (RRMC RMC 1963) (Right) were caught chatting it up  at the 86th RCAF anniversary dinner in Calgary on 26 march 2010.

The dinner was held in the Aeronautical Museum hanger in the Calgary Airport precinct.

Scott, who recently took on the job of CEO Fort McMurray Airport Authority, was guest of honour at the dinner.

Photo by ex- CF86 fighter pilot 3626  John Ink (RRMC RMC 1956).

Upgrade gives authority to Fort McMurray Airport



Blair McNaught

22512 Captain William Blair McNaught (RMC 2003) is  10 Squadron Commander at RMC in Kingston. Born in Cobourg, Capt. McNaught graduated from Port Hope High School before going to the military base in St-Jean, Quebec, in June, 1998 for basic training.

In 2003, he received his bachelor of arts degree in business administration from Royal Military College in Kingston , where he served as Cadet Wing Senior.

After his first tour of duty in Afghanistan in 2004 as duty officer at battalion headquarters, he returned to Canada and joined the parachute company of 3R22R and completed pathfinder training and military freefall parachute training in Trenton.

During his second tour of duty in July, 2007, he took part in 15 battalion level operations and was responsible for his team to prepare the battlefield for “follow-on forces.” In March, 2009 he headed out on his third tour of duty in Afghanistan, working with the Counter Improvised Explosive Devices team. He worked on the roadside bombs that have killed so many Canadian soldiers.

He was recognized with a Mention in Dispatches in 2008 for acts of bravery and leadership during a dangerous mission in Afghanistan. On Dec. 8. 2007, Capt. McNaught and his small team scouted and set up location in enemy territory, Zangabad in the Panjwai District, and kept watch, allowing troops to come in with a better understanding of the area. Capt. McNaught, the reconnaissance platoon commander with 3rd Battalion Royal 22e Régiment, and his team called in 85 artillery fire missions, 10 airstrikes and 20 sniper engagements. Because of their skill in operations, all members of the reconnaissance team came home without any major physical injuries.  Source


13651 Mr. Ron Light (RMC 1982) is chair of the Okanagan College’s faculty of Network and Telecommunications Engineering Technology. Since January 2000, he has been a professor in two programs: Bachelor of Computer Information Systems – Computer Systems Option and in the Diploma in Network and Telecommunications Engineering Technology. He was a member of the steering committee of the Fuelling the Economy of the Future: Engineering, Science & Technology Education Symposium in 2008. He earned a B.Eng, Electrical Engineering from RMC (1978-1982) and a M.Eng, Digital Systems -Electrical Engineering from RMC (1986-88).



Revived Canadian air force ready to take wing

“The air force has always done very well with recruiting,” Lawson says. “We’re looking to hire in larger numbers.”

12192 MGen Tom Lawson (RMC  1979)


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