7290 Juri JT Kasemets (RMC 1967); 11104 Douglas P Konkin (RMC 1976); 11507 Stephen L. James, (RRMC 1977); 11731 Dennis Weiss (CMR RMC 1978); 12110 Christian M. Paupe (CMR 1979); 12259 Kevin W Biggar (RRMC RMC 1979); 15833 Claude François Lemasson (CMR RMC 1987);

  • 7290 Juri JT Kasemets (RMC 1967) is an Adjunct
    Professor of Mineral Resource Engineering at Dalhousie University. He
    earned a Bachelor of Eng (Royal Military College), a Masters of Eng
    (Alberta), and a MBA (Ottawa). His research interests include
    blasting, explosives, and rock breaking. Juri worked as a bomb
    disposal officer in the military, and as a federal explosives
    inspector at Natural Resources Canada. He is a member of the
    International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators
    (IABTI), ASIS International, the National Defense Industrial
    Association (NDIA) and the Federal Association of Security Officials
    (FASO). j.kasemets@ns.sympatico.ca  


  • 11104 Douglas P Konkin (RMC 1976) is Vice President
    of Product Development at Solido Design Automation. Previously, he
    was Director of Software Development for fabless semiconductor
    company PMC-Sierra, managing the Saskatoon design center. Prior to
    PMC-Sierra he was VP of Technology at HyperCore Technology. Konkin
    has an M.Sc. In CS from the University of Saskatchewan and a B.Sc. in
    engineering physics from the Royal Military College in Ontario,
    Canada. He also served as a signal officer in the Canadian Army.



  • 11507 Stephen L. James, (RRMC 1977) CD, BSc, MA, MBA has been the Executive Director, Asper MBA at the I.H. Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba since 2001. He oversees the School’s MBA and Executive programs, and teaches business policy, corporate strategy, and executive leadership. He is also a Research Fellow at the University’s Centre for Defence and Security Studies. He joined the CF in 1973, receiving his BSc in Physics from Royal Roads Military College in 1977. Selected for pilot training, he received his wings in 1978. Over the following ten years he flew in Training and Maritime Air Groups respectively. In 1987, as a Major, he was selected for PG training in War Studies, and spent the following two years at the Royal Military College focusing his studies on air power theory and history. In 1995, Major James left the military to once again further his education, receiving in 1996 an MBA from the University of Manitoba.  steve_james@umanitoba.ca


  • 11731 Dennis Weiss (CMR RMC 1978) is Vice President of EWA-
    Canada responsible for company operations, internal research and
    development and for the direction of programs related to critical
    infrastructure protection and risk management. Dennis is an
    experienced manager and systems engineer and has gained strategic
    program management experience in aerospace, system development and IT
    Security engineering environments. He has directed several large
    federal government IT security programs, including Canada’s Critical
    Information Infrastructure Program, and Critical Infrastructure
    Protection Center initiative with the United States Government and
    with several private sector critical infrastructure owners. He has
    extensive experience in complex IT security definition studies and
    implementations, and evaluation methodologies.
    Dennis is a graduate of Royal Military College (Bachelor of
    Engineering, Chemical) and the Rochester Institute of Technology
    (Masters of Science, Imaging). During his fifteen years in the
    military, he had the pleasure of serving in CFB Trenton (Base
    Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering), CFB Cold Lake (Aerospace
    Engineering Test Establishment) and headquarters (EW Challenger
    Project).  DWeiss@ewa-canada.com


  • 12110 Christian M. Paupe (CMR 1979) has been Executive Vice
    President of Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer of Yellow
    Pages Income Fund since April 2003. Mr. Paupe serves as Chief
    Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of Corporate Services
    of Trader Corporation. Before joining the Yellow Pages Group Co., he
    served as Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer and
    Chief Financial Officer of Quebecor World from 1999 to 2003. He has
    also held senior executive … positions at a number of other major
    Canadian corporations involved in the securities industry, publishing
    and telecommunications. Prior to his business career, Mr. Paupe
    served as an Officer in the Canadian Forces. Mr. Paupe has acted as
    an Officer and Director for a number of businesses in Canada, the
    United States and South America. He supports various charities
    including the Quebec Cancer Foundation and has served on the
    Executive of alumni organizations associated with Harvard and the
    Royal Military College. Mr. Paupe earned an MBA from the Harvard
    Business School in 1983 and a bachelor of administration degree from
    the Royal Military College in St. Jean, Quebec in 1979.



  • 12259 Kevin W Biggar (RRMC RMC 1979) has been a Professor of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering at the University ofAlberta since 1995. He earned a B.Eng. (Royal Military College) and a Ph.D. (Alberta). Dr. Biggar has twenty years of experience in the
    design, construction, project management and maintenance of
    infrastructure with the Canadian Military Engineers. His last four
    years in the CF were spent at Royal Military College, teaching civil
    engineering and conducting research related to the assessment and remediation of contaminated sites. kevin.biggar@ualberta.ca
  • 15833 Claude François Lemasson (CMR RMC 1987) is the General
    Manager – Projects, Canada, of Goldcorp Inc. His main responsibility
    being the new Éléonore Project in the James Bay area of Québec, which
    will be developed by the subsidiary “Les Mines Opinaca Ltée”.
    He leads a project team composed of eight department heads advancing
    the project from advanced exploration through the feasibility study
    towards the development and construction of a new world-class mine.
    Mr. Lemasson studied as an engineer at the Collège Militaire Royal de
    Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and received his Bachelor degree in
    Engineering & Management from the Royal Military College of Kingston,
    Ontario in 1987. Over his career, he accumulated 20 years of
    experience in the mining industry. claude.lemasson@goldcorp.com


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