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Who am I?

Researched by E3161 Victoria Edwards (RMC 2003)

  • I enrolled at the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario.
  • I served as College Battalion Sergeant-Major (BSM).
  • I was commissioned as a regular officer of the Royal Engineers.
  • I was posted to India in 1911 with the 9 Railway Company Sappers.
  • I served as General Manager of the North West Railway of India.
  • For my work on railways, I was knighted.
  • In 1941, As Brigadier I served as Director of Transportation, 10th Army, with Headquarters at Bagdad with the Persia-Iraq Force in the maintenance of railways. Since it looked as if Iraq, Persia and Turkey would become a battle area during World War II, the British forces in these areas were strengthened. A new Command called Persia and Iraq Force (PAIFORCE) was formed in September, 1942, with Headquarters at Bagdad.
  • in recognition of “gallant and distinguished services in Iraq, Syria and Persia during the period April, 1941, to February, 1942”: I was awarded a Military Cross (4250), Supplement to the London Gazette 14th January, 1943.
  • In recognition of my services in Persia-Iraq, the King gave orders for my appointment as Commander of the British Empire in August 1943″
  • in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Persia-Iraq.” As a civilian, I was appointed Executive Vice President of Montreal Locomotive Works Ltd, from 1944-1951.
  • My wife and I had two sons David Frederick and Edward Brooke. Edward Brooke was called to Bar of Quebec in 1950.

a) 703 Sir Charles Frederick Carson, (RMC 1905-09)

b) 729 Sir Arthur Edward Grassett (RMC 1906-09)

c) 758 Sir Edward Oliver Wheeler (RMC 1907-10)

Answer: a) 703 Brigadier Sir Charles Frederick Carson, CBE, MC, (RMC 1905-09)

Brigadier Sir Frederick Carson

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