2013 Grad returns home to Calgary – looking to kick-start her civilian career in Engineering…


25282 Justine Deveau graduated from Chemical Engineering in 2013 and remained in the military until her medical release later that year. She returned to her home town of Calgary with her husband Edward (RMC class of ’11) just in time to enjoy the Calgary winter.

To occupy her time Justine recently started a company with Edward that will help junior engineers maintain the skills they learned in school while they search for full-time employment.

Talking to other junior engineers and hiring managers in the Calgary area they came to the realization that there are a number of applicants for any one position at times outnumbering the position at a ratio of 400:1.

The ratio of applicants to positions is such that some junior engineers are spending months between their graduation and their first jobs that they are experiencing a loss of skills.

When not working on her company or looking for the elusive entry-level engineering position, Justine can be found in the garden.

Justine enjoys staying active both physically and the community. In general these two are related as her knee restricts the scope of physical activity she can undertake. Fortunately the bicycle community is vibrant as ever following the announcement of a new (controversial) cycle track system. Volunteering her time with a Calgary-based non-profit, she can frequently be found helping set up community bicycle racks for events around the city or rediscovering the city on her bike. The pinnacle of her volunteer efforts through Alberta Bike Swap are the days of the “bike swap” where over 2000 Albertans were assisted in buying and selling their bike over the course of 8 hours. A taste of the madness can be found in this time-lapse of the event: http://www.pinkbike.com/video/362599/.

Ex Cadets out there who are in a position to point a keen “bud” towards an entry level position where she can put her degree to work, are requested to contact Justine directly justine.deveau@gmail.com