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cover 3 sistersI wanted to let e-Veritas readers  know that my wife and her sisters have created an extraordinary Greek cookbook. It is a 280-page, self-published effort with great photos and even better food – mostly traditional Greek, all of it healthy. It has been getting heaps of praise, and they just broke the “opening night” record at the Bookshelf in their hometown of Guelph on Monday (16 Nov).

My wife’s website is available through the following link: www.3greeksisters.com

We are hoping to find a venue for the book launch here in Kingston, but I have no details as of yet. I will provide them once we have more info.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or write. My home phone is 613-767-6250.

Thanks for your support,

19798 Sean Carscadden

Additionally, here is their cover-page article in the Guelph Mercury:



Career Opportunity – “Director, Maintenance & Operations Services” at Brock University

I was wondering how I could get a career opportunity at Brock University posted. The position “Director, Maintenance & Operations Services” reports to me and due to a retirement it will be soon vacant.


I had tried to arrange for a previous position to be brought to the attention of ex-cadets, through RHR Expert, but it didn’t happen.

Appreciate whatever can be done although I realize that the next issue of e-Veritas may only be after December 2nd, the deadline for resumes…in that case, please just delete this.



13942 Tom Saint-Ivany


Otter Squadron a HIT at Providence Care –SMOL Site (again)

On behalf of Providence Care Centre, St Mary’s of the Lake site, I wish to express our appreciation for the support we received from the RMC Otter Squadron during our Remembrance Day service. RMC Otter Squadron provided 12 cadets, dressed in uniform, one dressed in the red uniform and a bagpiper.

This is the fifth year that we have requested RMC cadets for the service. The presence of these uniformed cadets made the service a memorable one for our patients, staff and volunteers. Many patients and staff were moved to tears when they saw the cadets saluting during the service. The patients that participated in the service are usually veterans or relatives of veterans – and thus this is a very special day for them. The cadets aided in many aspects of the service, from helping a patient lay the wreath, to playing the bagpipe, to saying a pray –which were greatly appreciated. The lobby where we held the service was filled to capacity. We in the Spiritual Care Department could not bring to the service all the patients that wished to attend without the aid of the cadets. Once our patients see the cadets going through the halls they immediately want to attend the service.

The Otter Squadron, under the direction of Officer Cadet Lynn Stuckless, was exceptional. They were most attentive to patient needs and hospital rules. They took the time to come in early to learn about isolation/H1N1 precautions. Our patients appreciated meeting and visiting the cadets as they were escorted to the service and returned to their rooms. Several patients who could not attend the service were most appreciative that the cadets took time to come and visit them on this special day. I am aware of one cadet family who came back to visit a patient on the Sunday after the service. This shows me that the service not only touches our patients and staff but has a positive affect on the cadets.

Our department has received many compliments about the Otter Squadron’s participation in this event. Sample comments: “that was just wonderful”, “oh it was so meaningful”, “ they (the cadets) are so polite”, “Thank you, it reminds me of what happened when….”, “this is the best Remembrance day I have ever attended”. We had the largest turn out ever –over 200 people – largely because of these cadets. We were all truly blessed by the outstanding respect and care shown by the cadets of the Otter Squadron.

We hope that the Otter Squadron will be able to participate in future services at PCC-SMOL. They are a real tribute to RMC.

Rev Mike Gurnick – Spiritual Care Associate


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